Chapter 1925: “Explosive Face Slap (17)”

    Chapter 1925: "Explosive Face Slap (17)"

    Several vines suddenly sprouted out from Jun Wu Xie's armoured feet and the vines speedily weaved together to form into the shape of wings. With a flash of silver, two wings were revealed around Jun Wu Xie's ankles in an instant!

    It had taken only an instant!

    The figure of Jun Wu Xie then disappeared right before Gu Yi, its speed in no way inferior to that of the Silver Spirit!

    Gu Yi was slightly stunned, never expecting that Jun Wu Xie would be able to surpass him so overwhelmingly with speed.

    Gu Yi's intention to take Jun Wu Xie down was almost shattered right at that moment.

    An intense battle erupted outside the summit's venue, the crashing rumble pricking at people's eardrums painfully.

    Qiao Chu and the gang were skillfully fighting their battles with ease while Ye Gu embarked on the crushing slaughter of the Zen Void Palace Lord!

    The mighty Zen Void Palace Lord in Ye Gu's hands could not even last past three strikes before the sword wielding Ye Gu lopped his head off!

    Ye Gu had just freed up his hands when he went to help lift Drunk Lotus out of his quandary.

    The powers of Drunk Lotus and Poppy were not sufficient to stand against a Silver Spirit and they were both just using their unique abilities as Ring Spirits to fight their opponents, with every second that passed carrying the risk of death.

    And with the deaths of the Green Tide Palace Lord and the Zen Void Palace Lord, the Palace Lords from the other palaces were suddenly greatly shaken, no longer daring to slight their enemies in the slightest as they immediately summoned out their Ring Spirits!

    Qiao Chu and the gang went on to summon the Ying Yang Bear, the Double Headed Bone Snake and the other Ring Spirits as well.

    In an instant, the inclusion of the Ring Spirits quickly raised the intensity of the battle to new heights!

    Ye Gu had intended to go help lift Drunk Lotus and Poppy out of their predicament. But the wave of Ring Spirits that had suddenly sprung up blocked his way. He had no choice but to first deal with these Ring Spirits first before his hands would be free.

    The powers of the Night Regime's Commander in Chief was not what regular people could ever hope to compare with. With a bunch of Ring Spirits that should not be taken lightly, standing powerful and mighty before Ye Gu, they all became surprising fragile and weak!

    They were quickly beaten up so badly they were not able to retaliate at all!

    The pressure upon Drunk Lotus and Poppy had also lightened up greatly.

    "Leave this to us. Go help Ye Sha quickly." Drunk Lotus pushed the Flamboyant Palace Lord back with a palm strike, and turned his head to say to Ye Gu.

    He had not forgotten the scene when Ye Sha had died back at the Cloudy Peaks. Even though Jun Wu Xie had not spoken about it before, but Ye Sha's "death" to her, had been such a great blow.

    Ye Gu arched up an eyebrow, his face amused as he looked at Drunk Lotus.

    "Who did you say I should go help?"

    "Of course it's Ye....." Drunk Lotus was just beginning to shout when he suddenly saw the Pure Grace Palace Lord being pressed down to the ground and pummeled mercilessly. In an instant, Drunk Lotus was stunned.

    "He.... Didn't even an Elder....." Drunk Lotus could still remember it clearly. The one who killed Ye Sha back at that time, had been the Flame Demons Palace's Elder.

    But..... Ye Sha was facing an opponent of the powerful Palace Lord level. How..... was he fighting even more ferociously?

    "Kid, you had better not underestimate our Night Regime. Although Ye Sha cannot be compared to me, but he is still one of the fiercest warriors of the Night Regime. I have heard about what happened before. In order to locate Lord Jue, he had not rested a moment throughout that thousand years, and his devil spirit had long been drained and depleted completely. Moreover, when the incident befall Lord Jue, he and Ye Mei were at Lord Jue's side and they were also severely injured, never having gotten the chance to nurse themselves. That was how that piece of trash managed to come out tops that time. Otherwise, if a mere Elder of the Twelve Palaces was to really think he can kill one of the ferocious warriors of my Night Regime? That has got to be a joke!" Ye Gu said, his face filled with pride.

    Within their Night Regime, there wasn't a single weak person in there. Drag any single one out and he would be able to hang up an Elder from the various palace in a beating!

    Drunk Lotus' mouth hung open and coincidentally, in a moment of breather during his battle, Ye Sha turned his head to look at them. Seeing the stunned look on Drunk Lotus' face, he was slightly puzzled, but nodded politely at him, before he continued to pummel at the Pure Grace Palace Lord.
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