Chapter 1926: “Explosive Face Slap (18)”

    Chapter 1926: "Explosive Face Slap (18)"

    The Palace Lords of the Twelve Palaces just wanted to cry. Ever since they took over the position of Palace Lords over their respective palaces, they had never had to be in such a quandary, where not only had they been outschemed by a bunch of youths, they were even losing out in battle. The various Palace Lords who had always seen themselves as holier than thou were now given one big tight slap across the face by Jun Wu Xie and her companions. The slap had been delivered quick and sudden, a resounding one that slapped them silly in an instant.

    Gu Yi had attempted to fight Jun Wu Xie in close combat countless times but that suit of silver armour was completely driving her wild. No need to even talk about bringing Jun Wu Xie down, but just seeking to even touch Jun Wu Xie was hopelessly maddening enough.

    Seeing that the Palace Lords from the different palaces were locked in bitter battle, with the Green Tide Palace Lord and the Zen Void Palace Lord fallen in battle one after another, even the highly vicious and stalwart Gu Yi was getting riled, and his gaze was beginning to gaze towards the main doors outside the wall surrounding the premises.

    Today's Summit of the Twelve Palaces only allowed the Palace Lords themselves to attend and all the other disciples and Elders had to remain outside in wait. He was certain that he would only have to open those doors at the perimeter wall and the disciples of all the palaces waiting outside would come rushing straight in.

    Because all the Palace Lords of the various palaces had given strict orders before the summit that no matter what they heard, they were all not to force their way in. They had all thought to sit back and watch while other palaces went for each other's throats but that had now bound all those disciples outside from coming in.

    He must open those doors!

    Gu Yi discreetly narrowed his eyes and constantly shifted his position during his battle with Jun Wu Xie, gradually pulling the battle towards the main doors without a sound.

    Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow as she watched Gu Yi's actions and a sneering glint rose in her eyes, but she did not do anything to stop Gu Yi's movements at all.

    Gu Yi eyed for the right opportunity and pretended to launch a vicious attack upon Jun Wu Xie. Jun Wu Xie dodged it easily and Gu Yi grasped the momentum of that charge to shot himself to go before the doors. With a palm strike, he smashed the thick and solid wooden doors to smithereens!

    Outside those doors, the Elders of the various palaces had already gathered there. They had led all their disciples to the place earlier to ensure there won't be any deaths occurring at the summit, and to protect their own Palace Lord. They had heard the sounds of fighting earlier, but without receiving any orders from their Palace Lord, and not knowing what the situation was inside, no one dared to make any rash moves!

    And in the instant that the main doors was smashed, the intense battle occuring inside was immediately revealed to the eyes of all the Elders from the various palaces. Their eyes stared in incredulity as they saw the bloodbath of unprecedented intensity unfolding.

    What was really happening here?

    "Someone's plotting to kill the Twelve Palace Lords! All of you go save them!" Gu Yi was panting heavily as he said anxiously, his heart feeling a slight sense of relief. The disciples from the various palaces number in the tens of thousands in this city and with just that small bunch of people with Jun Wu Xie, the disciples of the Twelve Palaces would be enough to physically crush them to death just by sheer numbers!

    "Father!" A highly anxious Gu Xin Yan who stood waiting outside the doors called out worriedly when he saw Gu Yi in such a wretched looking state, and when she saw the battle that had erupted inside, her heart jumped in shock.

    When the doors leading into the venue were opened up, the various Palace Lords who were locked in bitter battle immediately felt a sense of relief when they saw the familiar faces outside those doors, as they seemed to suddenly see hope!

    No matter how skilled or powerful these bunch of youths were, under the onslaught of tens of thousands, the only path left open to them would be death!

    "Kid, all of you will not be able to escape." The Flame Demons Palace Lord was scorched and blackened. The battle against Qiao Chu was bitter beyond words and now that he saw that the disciples of the various palaces were gathered, he felt as if a great weight had been lifted off him and he suddenly broke out in a great laugh, to stare at Qiao Chu before him tauntingly.
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