Chapter 1932: “Explosive Face Slap (24)”

    Chapter 1932: "Explosive Face Slap (24)"

    Jun Wu Xie had to deal with Gu Yi's almost maniacal attack on one side from the front, and pay attention to the strong surge of power from the back at the same time, rendering her unable to dodge in time!

    A heavy and powerful palm strike struck Jun Wu Xie on her back. Jun Wu Xie endured the excruciating pain and moved herself away in the shortest time possible.

    "Jun Wu Xie, you dare to kill Gu Xin Yan!" Gu Ying's eyes were bloodshot as he stood behind Jun Wu Xie, the murder in his eyes rising up to reach an intensity never felt before.

    At the moment he saw the sword in Jun Wu Xie's hand plunge through Gu Xin Yan's chest, Gu Ying laid back demeanor that just been enjoying the show immediately dissipated into the wind!

    Jun Wu Xie's brows furrowed together as she looked at Gu Ying who had suddenly appeared. She had actually not noticed Gu Ying's presence in the slightest all this time. A trickle of blood flowed down through the gap in Jun Wu Xie's helmet, looking extraordinarily bright upon the shiny silver armour.

    The power from that one palm strike from Gu Ying, had actually been more powerful than Gu Yi's!

    "Gu Ying....." Gu Yi stared at Gu Ying in shock. He would never have dreamed that Gu Ying would appear here at this place. Gu Ying had actually come to save him?

    The figure of Gu Ying turned into a streak of light in that instant. Gu Yi had not even finished what he wanted to say when Gu Ying had already appeared behind him. Without giving Gu Yi any time to react at all, Gu Ying's hand suddenly lunged straight into Gu Yi's back!

    The blood covered hand was sticking out of Gu Yi's chest on the front, warm crimson blood flowing down Gu Ying's arm to splatter onto ground right before Gu Yi's feet, while gripped in his hand, was a freshly plucked out heart still beating strongly.

    "Do not misunderstand. I did not come here to save you." Gu Ying retracted back his hand, as he watched Gu Yi's lifeless corpse fall into his blood. His devilish eyes then raised up to look at Jun Wu Xie as he gripped his hand tightly, to crush Gu Yi's heart completely with an explosive burst!

    Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she stared at Gu Ying, till the moment Gu Yi was killed, she had not taken a single step forward, but instead shot herself towards the direction Gu Xin Yan was in.

    The figure of Gu Ying suddenly showed up before Jun Wu Xie to block her way, his blood covered hands lunging straight at Jun Wu Xie without mercy!

    Jun Wu Xie dodged the attack swiftly, her gaze sweeping over the figure of Gu Xin Yan out of the corner of her eyes, an anxious glint flashing within.

    "I had not intended to interfere with your affairs, but out of everything you should not have done, you really should not have harmed Gu Xin Yan. Even if you were to kill every single person in the Twelve Palaces, I would not care in the slightest, but you shouldn't have harmed her." Gu Ying's eyes were half narrowed, and in the instant his voice fell, black robed men numbering almost a hundred suddenly appeared beside him. Among those black robed men, the least powerful among them was already a Purple Spirit, with quite a number of them Silver Spirits.

    Those Silver Spirits, were actually holding powers similar to the Palace Lords of the Twelve Palaces!

    Jun Wu Xie was startled, as the kind of power behind Gu Ying was definitely from somewhere highly significant.

    "The Zephyr Academy's Jun Xie was you, and the Cloudy Brook Academy's Jun Wu was also you. Jun Wu Xie, you are indeed a capable one for me to have fallen so many times in your hands." Gu Ying said as a bloodthirsty smile blossomed at the corners of his lips. He had not had any intentions to cross swords with Jun Wu Xie now, but Gu Xin Yan's death had really broken through the limits.

    He must make Jun Wu Xie pay the price!

    The kind of power held by the band of black robed men that had suddenly appeared caused Qiao Chu and the gang who were locked in battle with the Palace Lords to be stunned in shock. Seeing the whole bunch of people surrounding Jun Wu Xie completely, Qiao Chu and the others grew anxious. The reason they had all been able to stand against the Twelve Palaces' Palace Lords was besides them having taken the Spirit Transformation Elixir, been also because of the burning of the incense. But among that whole group of black robed men, at least twenty of them had possessed powers comparable to the Twelve Palaces' Palace Lords, and their spirit powers had not been depleted at all!
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