Chapter 1933: “Explosive Face Slap (25)”

    Chapter 1933: "Explosive Face Slap (25)"

    Coming under attack on all sides by the whole group of black robed men, even Jun Wu Xie would have a hard time escaping from there alive!

    Qiao Chu and the others were frantic, but the Palace Lords battling them had noticed the appearance of Gu Ying and his men as well. The enemy's enemy would be a friend to them so how could they possibly let Qiao Chu and his gang go save Jun Wu Xie?

    The Palace Lords of the Twelve Palaces went all out explosively with the last of their strength, to hold Qiao Chu and all the others back.

    "Boss! Go save Young Miss!" Ye Sha suddenly saw the entire scene, and his heart shot up into his throat in that instant.

    Ye Gu pushed a Ring Spirit back with a palm strike and his figure then rushed swiftly straight towards Jun Wu Xie!

    But every single one of the Palace Lords ordered all their Ring Spirits to drag down Ye Gu's movements at any cost. Ye Gu was extremely powerful, but the Ring Spirits were of enormous size. When they all charged at him with everything they had at the same time, they managed to fully block Ye Gu's way forward completely!

    "Out of my way!" Ye Gu clenched his teeth tight and his devil spirit power turned into swords to shoot out of him in an unstopping stream!

    The Young Miss must not come to any harm!

    The Ring Spirits had received orders to stand till their deaths, and they would not give way no matter what.

    And the men that Gu Ying brought in had already initiated their attack upon Jun Wu Xie.

    Besieged on all sides by more than twenty Silver Spirits and over ten Purple Spirits, even the Flame Demons Palace Lord at peak condition would not be able to withstand such an onslaught!

    Jun Wu Xie felt as if spirit powers that could encompass the skies and cover the earth all shooting right towards her. Her Selvan's armour was constantly changing its form and state, remaining in a high state of defence, repeatedly blocking out so many of the strong and powerful attacks!

    But no matter how powerful the Selvan's armour was, it was not able to withstand such a concentrated attack of such intensity and the speed of its transformations was beginning to be unable to keep up with the attacks from so many Silver Spirits.

    In the instant that the Selvan's armour concentrated its powers to deflect an attack from the back, another Silver Spirit saw the opportunity to strike right upon Jun Wu Xie's head.

    Jun Wu Xie was completely locked in with no way out and could only steel herself to receive the strike!

    A clear clang sounded!

    The Selvan's armour covering Jun Wu Xie's head shattered with that sound, and a deep wound opened on Jun Wu Xie's forehead good and proper, where a crack could even be seen on the skull.

    Having suffered such a violent strike upon the head, Jun Wu Xie's mind immediately buzzed loudly in her head, her eyes losing focus and everything turned blurry. She could only rely upon her subconscious mind to fend off any of those attacks but having lost her sight, wanting to avoid such an intense assault from so many directions was completely impossible!

    A series of crisp cracking sounds rang out, and the Selvan's armour on Jun Wu Xie's body was split and cracked in many places, its defensive powers reduced to almost zero!

    Wounds big and small covered all over Jun Wu Xie's body. She forcibly endured the excruciating pain and bit down to break the elixir she hid in her teeth. Only like this, would she then completely fall.

    Qiao Chu and the others saw Jun Wu Xie being surrounded and attacked by so many powerful pugilists and their hearts were almost bursting with worry and anxiety. But the various Palace Lords were holding the companions back with everything they've got, even at the cost of their very lives, but they would not allow any of the companions to get closer to Jun Wu Xie a single step!

    Gu Ying stared coldly at Jun Wu Xie's completely wretched looking state and his eyes flashed with a chilling bloodthirsty glint.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes were unable to see things too clearly and the wound on her forehead was affecting her a great deal. She could feel that her head had taken a severe hit and she was not able to maintain a clear state of mind.

    Ye Gu's eyes had turned red with mad slaughter and after he massacred all the Ring Spirits to see the blood covered state Jun Wu Xie was in, a Heaven splitting rage made him fly in a lightning quick lunge forward, his youthful body wrapping itself over Jun Wu Xie in a tight embrace, using his own body to withstand the combined attacks from those powerful pugilists numbering at least several of tens!
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