Chapter 1934: “Explosive Face Slap (26)”

    Chapter 1934: "Explosive Face Slap (26)"

    A mouthful of blood spurted out from Ye Gu's mouth. Even he was unable to withstand the concentrated assault from those several tens of people. But he continued to shield Jun Wu Xie in his arms with everything he had, not allowing those people to harm Jun Wu Xie any further.

    Jun Wu Xie's vision was still blurred but she could well feel Ye Gu's presence. Warm droplets dripped onto her shoulder, bringing the raw stench of blood.

    "Don't bother about me." Jun Wu Xie said softly. Ye Gu possessed extremely strong power and if it was not because he was protecting her, with just his strength alone, he would be able to send the entire bunch of them to their doom.

    "Lord Jue left orders that we must not let Young Miss be harmed in anyway. Your subordinate has been incompetent to have let Young Miss be wounded to such an extent. If I am still unable to at least shield for Young Miss, then your subordinate would no longer have any use for this life of mine." Ye Gu then clenched up his jaws and released his devil spirit powers fully, to fully shroud Jun Wu Xie and himself. He did not dare to let go of his hands as there were just too many enemies against them. If he was not able to achieve an instant kill upon every single one of them, then Jun Wu Xie would definitely suffer another severe hit!

    Jun Wu Xie fought to steady her own breathing, aware that the situation they faced could not get any worse. Gu Ying's sudden appearance, bringing with him power far beyond what the Twelve Palaces could compare to, had caught her completely off guard. Ye Gu was shielding her and was unable to display his prowess and merely subject himself to being pummeled upon. Being put under such constant and incessant assault, even a god would not be able to last all that long.

    Jun Wu Xie did not sink into self pity but took the opportunity while Ye Gu was shielding her to swiftly feel for several bottles of elixirs in her Cosmos Sack. She could no longer see clearly and she could only rely on scent before she quickly poured out the elixirs onto her palm.

    "Open your mouth." Jun Wu Xie said from under the booming blasts all around them.

    Ye Gu opened his mouth without hesitation and Jun Wu Xie immediately stuffed a bunch of elixirs into Ye Gu's mouth. Ye Gu immediately swallowed them and a warm spring seemed to flowed through his body, the miserable looking wounds from the incessant blasts thrown upon his body quickly healing at a speed visible to the eye. But before those wounds could even close fully, new attacks would tear open those same wounds that were healing even deeper.

    But with those elixirs supporting him, Ye Gu felt a whole lot better.

    Jun Wu Xie swallowed a whole bunch of elixirs herself. Continuing to be sitting ducks here would only lead them to definite doom. But such strong power had been completely beyond Jun Wu Xie's calculations and she could only quickly try to assess whether there was any way for them to get themselves out of this predicament.

    With Jun Wu Xie's elixirs support, Ye Gu's severity of injuries fluctuated, but his life was not put at risk. He did everything he could to hold out against the assault, as bright crimson blood flowed from his wounds.

    Ever since he became the Night Regime's Commander in Chief, Ye Gu had never been so wretched as he was today.

    "Wait till your Lord here is able to free his hands. Not even a single one should be thinking you can run." Ye Gu gritted his teeth tightly together, the raw taste of blood spreading in his mouth, but the arms that were clasped around Jun Wu Xie did not loosen in the slightest.

    Qiao Chu and the others were almost insane with anxiety. The calm composure the group of youths usually displayed already non existent. They wished for nothing more than to be able to charged themselves to stand right beside Jun Wu Xie, but the Palace Lords of the Twelve Palaces were clinging on with their very lives to drag the companions' footsteps back.

    The black beast had wanted to barrel through the circle that surrounded Jun Wu Xie to get to its Mistress' side, but the black robed men's Ring Spirits had been summoned that formed another ring on the outside. Even Ye Sha, Drunk Lotus and Poppy who had finally dealt with their opponent and rushed over immediately found their way completely blocked off, unable to take a single step inside.

    "Jun Wu Xie, I'll admit that you possess unsurpassing intelligence. Having fallen in defeat twice in your hands, I'll admit that. But in front of absolute power, your cleverness would not be able to save you." Gu Ying said as his eyes narrowed up. He then licked his lips as he stared at the flesh on Ye Gu's back that had become a indistinct mess, the bloodthirsty glint in his eyes almost insuppressible.
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