Chapter 1935: “Explosive Face Slap (27)”

    Chapter 1935: "Explosive Face Slap (27)"

    When Gu Ying had been hiding in the shadows to watch the show, he had already noticed that Ye Gu possessed the most power among the entire group. Ye Gu's power could even be beyond that of a Gold Spirit and if Ye Gu was allowed to free his hands, even with the whole group of black robed men he held in his hands, they would be hard pressed to escape with their lives.

    Hence from the very beginning, Gu Ying had made everyone train all their attacks to target onto Jun Wu Xie, forcing Ye Gu to have no choice but to shield her, trapping Ye Gu's powers, rendering him unable to attack freely.

    Jun Wu Xie did not make a single sound. Ye Gu was shielding her with his life and she was not going to waste a single second, but to continuously swallow down elixirs to restore herself to the best condition she could. Although the Face of Selvan was powerful, but for the Face of Selvan to bring out its powers, it depended on the spirit powers of its contracted user as a source. Her spirit powers was currently insufficient for the Face of Selvan to bring out one hundred percent of its powers to play, otherwise she would not have fallen into such a hard pressed state of affairs.

    The battlefield was a mess of chaos. With several tens of Ring Spirits standing in the way of Ye Sha and the others, they were all carrying out incessant slaughter as they tried to get in closer.

    Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had sensed the danger Jun Wu Xie was in and they roared as they made their way forward but were blocked off by a bunch of Ring Spirits, unable to get close either but forced to see Ye Gu and Jun Wu Xie surrounded and besieged. At that moment, everyone's heart just wished they could rip Gu Ying to shreds.

    "You're right about what you've said. Before absolute power, nothing else holds any meaning." Suddenly, a deep and beautifully pleasing voice rang out in everyone's eyes.

    Gu Ying raised his head in surprise.

    Up in the air, a tall and gracefully slender figure stood majestically in place.

    The man was dressed in full black, his long dark hair fluttering slightly in the wind, his half narrowed eyes sweeping across the chaotic battlefield to finally rest upon the figures of Ye Gu and Jun Wu Xie, seeing Jun Wu Xie's body that was covered with dripping blood and his pair jet black eyes immediately turned a pure demonic and devilish violet.....

    Suddenly, a heavy cloud of black mist swirled in the sky, gradually enveloping the entire sky above the venue, blocking out the sun's brilliant rays, bringing darkness right before everyone's eyes.

    "Then, why not you have a taste of it as well?" The corners of Jun Wu Yao's mouth curled up slightly, the devilish smile filled with terrifying murder, his narrowed eyes seemingly smiling but caused all who looked into them to turn into immobile blocks of wood, all sitting ducks.

    Purple coloured eyes.

    The Dark Emperor.....

    How was that possible! ?

    Gu Ying's eyes widened as he stared up into the sky, at the man whose body was flaring out with powerful waves of oppressive aura. The man was just standing there, but he was already finding it hard to breathe, and that purple coloured pair of eyes had also very quietly revealed the man's very identity.

    The Lord of the Dark Regions that had fallen for a millenium, the Dark Emperor had actually shown up at this place today!

    The figure of Jun Wu Yao turned into a streak of black light, charging right into the chaotic battlefield. With a casual wave of his hand, the people surrounding Ye Gu and Jun Wu Xie felt for an instant a formless and invisible slight chill brush past their necks. In the next instant he gripped his hand, a thin line of blood appeared around their necks and the heads of those several tens of people fell soundlessly to the ground, the headless corpses still standing as pillars of blood shot up several meters up into the air!

    The pillars of blood shooting up from the corpses reached the swirling black mist in the air, seemingly sucked up and swallowed up by the black mist.

    "Lord Jue!" Ye Gu cried out in delight as he looked at Jun Wu Yao.

    "Give." Jun Wu Yao said with his eyes half narrowed.

    Ye Gu immediately released his arms, immediately bringing Jun Wu Xie that he had been shielding right before Jun Wu Yao.

    "You're here?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she widened her eyes slightly to look at Jun Wu Yao.
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