Chapter 1936: “Explosive Face Slap (28)”

    Chapter 1936: "Explosive Face Slap (28)"

    Jun Wu Yao wrapped Jun Wu Xie in an embrace, looking into her vacant eyes that had lost focus. Those eyes had been stained red by blood and she was trying her hardest to wide them wide, eyes that had lost their former brilliance, and Jun Wu Yao's heart winced painfully.

    When has his little one ever had to suffer such aggrievement?

    Jun Wu Yao's soft voice replied:

    "Mm, I've come. No one will be able to hurt you anymore."

    When he raised his eyes once again, that pair of violet were shining with thick and roiling murder.

    Jun Wu Yao's appearance caused everyone present to freeze in shock. The pair of violet eyes swept over the mass of people, grim and foreboding the nightmare that was about to descend. The thick cloud of black mist gathering in the sky was becoming denser and denser, the sun's rays completely blocked out as the dark shadow of death covered the land.

    That pair of eyes which were like the Devil's, were possessed only by the unifier, the Dark Emperor who reigned over the Middle Realm, and that black coloured spirit power, forgotten by people after such a long time, had once again manifested.

    Jun Wu Yao held Jun Wu Xie close in an embrace, the corners of his mouth curled up in a sneer as he stared at the people who were all frozen in terror.

    "Blood Burial." The lips that were tinged with a smile opened slightly, and the two words came out from that mouth like ice.

    The faces of everyone suddenly changed drastically.

    "Young Lord! Run! Quick! !" One of the black robed men shouted in terror.

    Gu Ying was startled out of his shock, suddenly discovering that he could not move. Every inch of him including his fingers could not move even an inch, as the black mist slowly descended from the sky. Everyone was covered by the black mist, their bodies feeling like they were bound by an invisible oppressive force, the terror in their hearts almost driving them out of their minds, but they still could not move.

    The black mist swirled on the ground, covering the bodies of every single one of them. Mournful wails began to rise throughout, the black mist blocking out everybody's vision, like they had fallen into a bottomless pit, where they could hear nothing, see nothing, but only to feel the drop and rise in the temperature that drove a chill deep into their hearts. They felt as if they had been thrown into boiling water, but an icy blast of bone chilling water was constantly splashing down upon the top of their heads. The interweaving sensations of ice and fire, was causing their skin and flesh to be unable to withstand the agonizing torment.

    The skin split and tore, as blood flowed out freely. The heavy black mist silently absorbed up the fresh warm blood, without a single drop falling to the ground.

    Gu Ying was caught within the darkness, feeling for the first time in his life such pure and absolute dominating power. Before Jun Wu Yao, he did not even have any opportunity to resist at all.

    At that moment, he finally understood what Jun Wu Yao had truly meant with those words.

    [This is what pure and absolute power truly is!]

    [Might that can destroy everything.]

    "Hahaha! The Dark Emperor..... This is the power of the Dark Emperor....." Within the darkness, Gu Ying's laughter rang out suddenly.  There wasn't the slightest tinge of terror in that laughter to be heard, nor the kind of panic when one was kissed by death, but just a laughter on the verge of insanity, that made one's skin crawl.

    Jun Wu Yao held Jun Wu Xie more tightly in his arms.

    Jun Wu Xie could not see the things happening before her eyes, only knowing that night had seemingly fallen, with darkness everywhere. Only the embrace that was holding her close, made her feel safe and at ease.

    When the black mist dissipated away, and sunlight gradually spilled over the land, there wasn't a single person on the ground before his eyes. The several tens of black robed men, had disappeared without a trace, where not even a single drop of blood was left behind.

    The gradually fading black mist slowly turned into a crystalline and sparking blood droplet, hovering in front of Jun Wu Yao's eyes.

    With a soft clatter, a thumb sized jade green coloured bead rolled upon the ground. Jun Wu Yao's eyes narrowed up, but that jade coloured bead then scattered into dust from a gust of the wind.
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