Chapter 1937: “The Dust Settles (1)”

    Chapter 1937: "The Dust Settles (1)"

    "Soul Shift Technique." Jun Wu Yao sneered.

    Ye Gu at the side completely did not bother about the wounds on his back but just quickly walked to the front of Jun Wu Yao to knee on one knee.

    "Does my Lord need your subordinate to go investigate into it?"

    Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie who was covered in blood in his arms and then shook his head slightly.

    "Since they dare to use the Soul Shift Technique in front of me, they would have already severed all links, where you would naturally not be able to find anything. But it's interesting that the Upper Realm's Soul Shift Technique would actually appear here upon a Middle Realm's youth....."

    At the same time when Jun Wu Yao had crushed Gu Ying and his subordinates, he had also eradicated all those Ring Spirits that were entangled with Ye Sha and the others. The various Palace Lords who had struggled bitterly against Qiao Chu and his companions had already been near the end of their tethers, almost completely burnt out and were fighting with their last breaths hoping that after Gu Ying finished Jun Wu Xie, they would have a chance to live. But the appearance of Jun Wu Yao had completely smashed that last sliver of hope to dust, where overcome with indignation and despair, the Palace Lords had not been able to hold out any longer, to all fall under the blades of Qiao Chu and gang.

    The entire courtyard suddenly became a whole lot more spacious with the Twelve Palaces' Palace Lords all dead. Though Qiao Chu and his gang were carrying quite a number of wounds, but with their blood vengeance exacted, even pain that reached right into their bones and injured their meridians could not wipe away the exhilaration they were feeling right at that moment.

    "Big Brother Wu Yao!" Qiao Chu called out as he retracted the Flame Dragon Gauntlets from both his hands. The pair of hands under the Flame Dragon Gauntlets had been scorched black by searing flames and it was hard to imagine that Qiao Chu had used those very hands to battle the Flame Demons Palace Lord for all that time.

    Although the Flame Dragon Gauntlets were powerful, but using them at full power for an extended period of time needed the user to pay a heavy price. With Qiao Chu current level of power, he was still not able to use them as freely as he wanted, and he had gone all out today to exact revenge upon his biggest blood enemy.

    "Put me down." Jun Wu Xie said as she tugged at Jun Wu Yao's collar. The dust was settling, and only the Twelve Palaces' army was still battling with Qu Ling Yue and her men. With all the Palace Lords fallen, their men would not last for much longer.

    "What is it?" Jun Wu Yao acquiesced and put Jun Wu Xie down.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head lightly and raised a hand to wipe away the blood at the corner of her eye, trying to clear up her vision a little. Unfortunately, everything before her eyes was still a blur and she could only faintly make out blurry and unclear silhouettes, but she still stood straight as she walked over towards the side.

    Gu Xin Yan lay quietly within a pool of blood, her eyes tightly shut, like she was dead. Jun Wu Xie knew more clearly than anyone, just what kind of power had been behind that one thrust of the sword by her.

    But just at the very last instant when Gu Xin Yan had appeared. Jun Wu Xie had summoned up every ounce of her strength to forcibly shift the point of her sword just slightly off.

    But even Jun Wu Xie herself did not know whether that tiny shift at that very last moment would allow Gu Xin Yan to escape calamity this time.

    Jun Wu Xie squatted down and checked Gu Xin Yan's condition. She was relieved to find Gu Xin Yan's pulse, though weak, it had not stopped.

    [She can still be saved!]

    Jun Wu Xie immediately groped around and took out a few bottles of elixirs. But as everything before her eyes was a blur, she was unable to treat Gu Xin Yan's wounds herself.

    "Ye Sha."

    "Young Miss." Ye Sha immediately walked over to Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie placed a few bottles of elixirs in Ye Sha's hand and quickly gave instructions to Ye Sha on how to administer them. Ye Sha looked at Jun Wu Xie solemnly and followed Jun Wu Xie's instructions to the letter, but there was a tinge of disapproval in his eyes.

    "You're so severely injured yourself and you still have the leisure to care whether others lives or dies?" Jun Wu Yao watched Jun Wu Xie's actions, and then went forward to wrap Jun Wu Xie into his arms, highly displeased.
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