Chapter 1938: “The Dust Settles (2)”

    Chapter 1938: "The Dust Settles (2)"

    If it had been at another time, he would not have minded. When Jun Wu Yao saw the heavily injured state Jun Wu Xie was in, his heart had been wrenched up into a tight ball and he had wondered what she had wanted to do.

    In the end.....

    "I had not wanted to kill her." Jun Wu Xie said with her brows creasing up slightly.

    Ye Gu who was standing at the side then briefly related the entire sequence of events to Jun Wu Yao's enquiring gaze and Jun Wu Yao furrowed up his brows slightly.

    Towards people she wanted to kill, she could be completely heartless and merciless without even batting an eyelid. But if it was someone whom she did not mean to implicate, her heart would still retain a tinge of benevolence. Though she was said to be cold, but hidden inside her, was a big warm heart.

    "Now that you've saved the person, shouldn't we have your injuries tended to already?" Jun Wu Yao wasn't going to get into an argument with Jun Wu Xie over such a small thing as from his point of view, anything that Jun Wu Xie wanted to do, he would not object to it.

    As long as it did not harm her.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head obediently. The accident this time had made her realize the blind spot in the plans she made. She had actually made preparations for it. When Qiao Chu and the others had taken the Spirit Transformation Elixirs, it had doomed them to lose their spirit powers completely for the entire year ahead, losing all ability to defend themselves. Hence no matter under what kind of circumstances Jun Wu Xie was in, she did not take the Spirit Transformation Elixir. She needed to ensure that at least one person was able to remain standing till the very end, to protect Qiao Chu and the others when they were powerless to defend themselves.

    But she had not thought that Gu Ying would bring in such a powerful bunch of people, that exceeded anything that Jun Wu Xie could have expected.

    The Twelve Palace Lords had all been executed and when news of it spread, the Twelve Palaces' disciples who were already being pushed back in retreat no longer had the heart to fight and starting running away. Qu Ling Yue and her soldiers had subtly left several gaps in their encirclement of the enemy in order to allow those disciples who had lost their will to fight places to scatter in flight.

    Besides the very worst of them who were guilty of countless crimes and the most privileged among them, all others had already fled, leaving behind only those who had not committed much crimes but partook in the battle out of loyalty to be beaten by Qu Ling Yue's soldiers to lie on the ground injured with ashen faces.

    They were already imobile and the rest of their fellow disciples had all run away. With their Palace Lord dead and the Elders fallen, they watched Qu Ling Yue and her men cut down some of the Twelve Palaces' disciples and their hearts immediately fell into despair, thinking that they were all undoubtedly doomed to die.


    They did not die as every one of the Twelve Palaces' disciples who were injured and lost their mobility were ordered to remain in their spots and not to move away from there. Jun Qing left a bunch of Rui Lin Army soldiers behind to watch over them and as long as they did not seek their own deaths, Jun Qing was not going to send them into the afterlife.

    The battle that had been so carefully and meticulously planned for several years finally came to a close at that moment. After Jun Qing, Long Qi, Qu Ling Yue and their men made adequate arrangements for the "prisoners of war", they immediately made their way to the courtyard to check on the situation inside.

    When they saw Jun Wu Yao walking out while carrying Jun Wu Xie who was all covered in blood, the smiles on their faces immediately faded to be replaced by utter shock and despair.

    "Wu Xie!" Jun Qing shot forward in a single bound, his heart skipping a beat.

    The figure of Qu Ling Yue wavered slightly and if not for Lei Chen who quickly supported her, she might have fallen to the ground.

    "Uncle, I'm fine. It's just some superficial wounds." Seemingly having felt the anxiety in Jun Qing's tone of voice, Jun Wu Xie lifted her head and tried her best to make her eyes focus on Jun Qing's face.

    Jun Qing looked highly worriedly at Jun Wu Xie. Although she said she was fine, but seeing her in that state, who would believe that she was really alright?

    "Silly lass, are you lying to your uncle? How..... how can you be alright looking like this?" Jun Qing's voice was filled with so much pain.
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