Chapter 1939: “The Dust Settles (3)”

    Chapter 1939: "The Dust Settles (3)"

    "Little Xie needs to rest." Jun Wu Yao voiced out.

    What Jun Wu Xie needed the most now was treatment.

    Jun Qing was slightly taken aback, suddenly realizing the key thing to do and immediately sent people to fetch Mu Chen.

    Jun Wu Yao took Jun Wu Xie to a room to have her rest there temporarily and ordered for people to stand guard outside, allowing no one in except for the physician.

    What Jun Wu Xie wanted the least at that moment was to worry her family and if Jun Qing continued to see her in such a state, he would just continue to worry. So why not temporarily isolate her from the others which would on one hand allow Jun Wu Xie to recuperate in peace while at the same time make Jun Qing a little less worried.

    "Mistress..... How did you get yourself so severely injured?" Little Lotus was plopped by Jun Wu Xie's bedside and he was already all covered in tears. The little black cat was holding a cup in its mouth calmly beside Little Lotus, silently collecting Little Lotus' tears.

    [The little idiot's tears were really good stuff and they must not be wasted. Collect them and they can be used to brew medicine for the Mistress later.]

    Jun Wu Xie could not see how Little Lotus looked clearly and could only hear him sobbing miserably.

    Little Lotus was sobbing so badly like it was the end of the world when he was suddenly carried up by a force under him. His tear filled eyes immediately flared wide and he turned around in panic to suddenly see the pair of violet eyes on Jun Wu Yao, which frightened him so badly he immediately curled himself up into a ball.

    Jun Wu Yao brought Little Lotus to come right before Jun Wu Xie and then slowly said in a deep voice: "The effects of the Imperial Snow Lotus would be rather good for you. You can use it to nourish you first."

    "....." Little Lotus immediately bloomed with panic.....

    At the side, Poppy almost could not hold in his laughter. But before Jun Wu Yao, he did not dare to be too audacious and he could do nothing but silently held it in with everything he had.

    "I think it'll work." The little black cat put the cup that was filled to the brim with tears carefully aside, nodding its head in all earnestness.

    Little Lotus trembled as he looked at Jun Wu Xie's blood stained face that had not yet been cleaned. He then took a deep breath and slowly stretched out a trembling pudgy little arm.

    "Mistress..... Take a bite, I'm really highly nourishing....."

    "....." Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt a headache coming on.

    Mu Chen came rushing in very shortly after. When he saw Jun Wu Yao, he stood there in a daze for quite a while and it was only till Jun Wu Yao arched up an eyebrow to sweep his glance over him that Mu Chen suddenly shivered before he hurriedly went over to Jun Wu Xie to check on her condition.

    Jun Wu Xie did not have that many wounds on her body. Before the Selvan's armour had shattered, it had provided a great amount of protection over her and after that, Ye Gu had done everything in his power to shield her from most of the harm as well. The most serious injury upon Jun Wu Xie's body was just the wound on her forehead.

    The size of the wound was not small, the bloodied flesh turned inside out to reveal a small part of her skull. There was a crack upon her skull and it was hard to imagine how Jun Wu Xie was still able to remain conscious with such an injury, which greatly shocked Mu Chen when he saw it.

    Fortunately when Ye Gu had been shielding her, Jun Wu Xie had fed herself with large amounts of elixirs which prevented the injury from worsening. Otherwise, she might very well have sunken in unconsciousness before Jun Wu Yao could rush over in time.

    Mu Chen tended to Jun Wu Xie's wound very carefully as Jun Wu Yao stood silently by the bed, watching Jun Wu Xie's face that had gone pale due to excessive loss of blood. The bloodstains had been cleaned from her face and only the wound on her forehead had not been fully dealt with. Upon that peerless countenance, the blood on it looked extraordinarily garish, making Jun Wu Yao feel like reaching his hand out to wipe it away countless times.

    As the wound was just too big, he had no choice but to stitch up the wound, and Mu Chen hesitated a moment before he asked.

    "Will Young Miss want me to use anesthetic?" Although using anesthetics would numb the pain, but it would also cause great damage to one's nerves. Moreover, Jun Wu Xie's wound was on her forehead which was very close to her brain.
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