Chapter 1941: “Secretly Hidden (1)”

    Chapter 1941: "Secretly Hidden (1)"

    To have been able to escape out from Jun Wu Yao's Blood Burial alive, that Gu Ying was rather capable.

    Gu Ying's escape was a small matter but what worried Ye Mei more was that news that Jun Wu Yao was still alive would spread.

    "Since I'm back here in the Middle Realm, those people will discover it sooner or later anyway." The corners of Jun Wu Yao's lips curled up, his eyes flashing with a chill.

    "Lord Jue, then should we return to the Lower Realm immediately?" Ye Mei's tone was filled with worry. The many powers in the Middle Realm were highly complicated and the extent of the places their people reached were many and far reaching. It would not be easy for them to deal with immediately.

    Jun Wu Yao's gaze then turned around slightly to look upon the tightly shut door a moment before he shook his head.

    "Let them continue with things in the Lower Realm. After some time, make a trip back to the Dark Regions." Jun Wu Yao then said.

    "Go back to the Dark Regions?" The faces of Ye Sha and Ye Mei immediately flashed with a tinge of surprise.

    If Lord Jue was asking Ye Mei to go back to the Dark Regions, wasn't that a hint that he was bring the news that he was still alive back to the Dark Regions?

    "Lord Jue please reconsider! You still have not fully recovered from your injuries and it isn't advisable for you to make any moves against those people for the time being. I beg for Lord Jue to give us a little bit more time and we will definitely have everything properly dealt with. At that time....." Ye Mei immediately knelt before Jun Wu Yao, to plead with sincere and earnest words.

    Jun Wu Yao held up a hand to interrupt Ye Mei's words.

    "Even if I am willing to wait, it is feared that those people are unable to sit back anymore." Jun Wu Yao's mouth twisted up into a cold sneer. "Now that the Soul Transfer Technique has appeared here in the Middle Realm, with such an interesting  thing happening, I am thinking they have already made their moves. The Nine Temples have always been highly discreet with their ways and this does not seem to be their style of doing things."

    Although he had not come back to the Middle Realm for so long, but information about the Middle Realm had not stopped reaching Jun Wu Yao's ears.

    One Region, Four Sides, Nine Temples, Twelve Palaces.

    The different factions of power in the Middle Realm. Before Jun Wu Yao had the idea of unifying the Middle Realm, the Four Sides stayed aloof from worldly affairs, and only the Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces were most aggressive. The Nine Temples were established before the Twelve Palaces and they accumulated much more robust powers. And as the relations between the Nine Temples were far more cohesive than the Twelve Palaces, without having any conflicts between them, they had always suppressed the Twelve Palaces in terms of power, indisputably stronger.

    But according to the information Ye Mei and the others had managed to gather in recent years, after the Dark Emperor fell and the Dark Regions went into seclusion, the Nine Temples had suddenly became rather restrained, keeping a low profile with their ways, which gave the Twelve Palaces the opportunity to stand taller.

    It might not seem like much to any others who saw this, but to Jun Wu Yao, there was something highly interesting about it.

    It must be known that the Nine Temples' Temple Lords and the Twelve Palaces' Palaces Lords were completely different as ever since the the Nine Temples had been established, the Temple Lords of the respective temples had never once changed!

    Long before Jun Wu Yao had appeared in the Middle Realm, the Temple Lords of the Nine Temples had already reigned over their respective Temples and that had not changed when Jun Wu Yao unified the Middle Realm. Even till now, after a thousand years had passed, the Temple Lords of the Nine Temples were still the same nine people.

    Having lived a few thousand years, why have they suddenly turned apathetic and unambitious?

    "If I remember it correctly, that Gu Ying who escaped, wasn't his maternal family from the Spirit Void Temple?" Jun Wu Yao asked with a slightly raised eyebrow.

    "Lord Jue, you mean..... the Middle Realm has begun on their plans?" Ye Mei asked slightly startled.

    Jun Wu Yao gave a light laugh.

    "I am not certain whether they have started, but over the past one thousand years, they would naturally not stay idle and would have done quite a lot of things."

    "Then all the more Lord Jue must not meet with them now. Otherwise....." Ye Mei gritted his teeth and did not finish his words, but the hatred in his eyes was however clear to see.
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