Chapter 1942: “Secretly Hidden (2)”

    Chapter 1942: "Secretly Hidden (2)"

    "So what even if we meet? Would they then possibly kill me?" Jun Wu Yao asked with an eyebrow raised, the arrogance in his eyes clearly apparent.

    Ye Mei lowered his head. He knew, that even if they were to once again encounter those people and they were to fall in defeat, those people would definitely not take Lord Jue's life, but.....

    Jun Wu Yao stared in the direction of the tightly shut door and the icy smile on his face became a little warmer, a little more gentle.

    "Maybe it's time that I should bring the little one to go have a look around the Four Sides."

    Ye Mei was slightly taken aback as he raised his head up in surprise.

    "Lord Jue, you are going to tell Young Miss about that matter?"

    Jun Wu Yao rubbed at his chin.

    "Little Xie's mind is not something any normal person could compare to. When she comes to know about it, she might have some other way to deal with them. In that way, even if something were to happen to me, I am to belief that she would be able to deal with it with her capabilities."

    "Lord Jue! How could my Lord even mention something so ominous and unlucky!" Even Ye Sha had become anxious as he fell to the ground with a thud.

    Jun Wu Yao arched up an eyebrow to look at his two stern faced subordinates, and he suddenly broke out into laughter.

    "Having followed me for so many years, when would you guys be able to change that personality of yours? What I have said to both of you today, you two better remember it well. What is mine, is Little Xie's as well. The Dark Regions is mine, and is also hers, as is everything that I possess. You guys know what to do." Jun Wu Yao said it highly casually, but in the ears of Ye Sha and Ye Mei, it was like their hearts were being sliced by a knife.

    Lord Jue's words were just too shocking to them, as it sounded like he was giving instructions for his own funeral arrangements.....

    Jun Wu Yao immediately turned around to go back into the room after saying that, and sat down by the bed to look at Jun Wu Xie's exquisite sleeping countenance, his eyes rising with a rarely seen gentleness.

    [Little one, you've got to grow up quickly.]

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei completely lost their mood for anything, their faces turning an extremely ugly shade. Even Mu Chen had been startled to see two such grim faces when he came, bringing in the medicine.

    Jun Wu Xie's vision took a turn for the better on the second day. Only just feeling a little better and she already could not remain idle but went running outside immediately.

    The aftereffects of the Spirit Transformation Elixir that Qiao Chu and the others took struck them very quickly. The bunch of youths were acting like they had fallen gravely ill, unable to rise after a single stumble. Their reactions startled Mu Chen greatly, as he had not discovered any heavy injuries on their bodies. So how did these bunch of perfectly fine and healthy youths suddenly turn to become so frail and weak in barely an instant?

    Just as Mu Chen was feeling completely befuddled, Jun Wu Xie came rushing in right at that moment.

    Within the room, Qiao Chu and the several others were flopped lazily over soft couches. The handsome and beautiful faces that had been filled with so much vigor were now showing an extraordinary paleness. Jun Wu Xie was standing right before them, but she could not feel the slightest bit of spirit power from their bodies.

    The side effects of the Spirit Transformation Elixir had struck them fully, and Qiao Chu and the gang had lost all their spirit powers.

    "Heh, Little Xie..... You're looking fine aren't you? You really scared us so badly that day you know?" Qiao Chu raised up a hand to wave tiredly, like he had no strength left. He really wanted to be as bouncy and jump around like always, but his weak and frail body really couldn't summon up the slightest bit of strength.

    Whatever intense benefits the Spirit Transformation Elixir had given to him, it also brought the very same level of adverse effects.

    Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she looked at her pale faced companions and she went walking forward, taking their pulses one by one.

    The results from her diagnosis was just like she had imagined.

    The several of them who had possessed strong and healthy bodies, had now all become sickly and frail, a lack of Qi in their blood. If she did not know them before, she might have thought that this was a group of Young Masters who grouped themselves together to come seek medical treatment from her.

    "I've reminded all of you before, unless you are left with no other choice, to not take the Spirit Transformation Elixir." After seeing the state of their pulse, even Jun Wu Xie was finding it rather hard to bear.
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