Chapter 1943: “Medicinal Brew (1)”

    Chapter 1943: "Medicinal Brew (1)"

    Qiao Chu scratched his head with a rather sheepish smile.

    "Little Xie, the Spirit Transformation Elixir was just fantastic! With such an amazing thing in our hands, how can we resist ourselves from using it?"

    Jun Wu Xie shot Qiao Chu a cold gaze, and Qiao Chu suddenly found it hard to maintain his smile.

    "Without it, we'll not have been able to exact revenge with our own two hands." Fei Yan suddenly piped in. The effects of the Spirit Transformation Elixir could be said to have been powerful and intense, but its side effects were astronomical as well. For a whole year after that, the entire group of them would be as good as the most useless of trash. But having exacted their deepest blood vengeance, not to mention asking them to just be trash for a year, even if its adverse effects were to affect them for life, they would have been willing to suffer the consequences.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at her companions' determined gazes and although she was feeling rather helpless at that moment, she could understand what they were thinking.

    If their positions had been reversed, where the Twelve Palaces had massacred everyone in the Lin Palace, she would go exact revenge even at the risk of her life as well.

    "So that means all of you have prepared yourselves well?" Jun Wu Xie said.

    Immediately, Qiao Chu nodded his head thoughtlessly, but halfway through, he suddenly froze for a while.

    "Prepared for what?"

    Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow and clapped her hands together.

    The doors were immediately pushed open in that instant, and outside, Yue Ye, Yue Yi, and Long Qi were carrying several bowls of medicinal brew as they came in. Upon the tray in Yue Ye's hands, there was even a whole bunch of bottles in different shapes and sizes.

    Yue Yi and Long Qi then placed the steaming hot bowls of medicinal brew right before Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang.

    Qiao Chu and the gang stared at the brew and then looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie's face was cold.

    Qiao Chu gulped discreetly and then picked up the bowl of medicinal brew to sniff his nose over it.

    "Blargh..... What kind of medicine is this! ? Why does it smell just like faeces! ? I really feel like puking!" Qiao Chu almost tossed the bowl of medicinal brew. There was no other way to describe that smell.

    "I prescribed it. You have an opinion about it?" Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow raising up threateningly.

    Qiao Chu's face twisted up in a grimace and quickly shook his head to say: "No opinions! No opinions at all!"

    The other few of the companions were shocked by the smell of the brew as well. Before they could open their mouths to say a word about it, they already saw Qiao Chu completely stumped by Jun Wu Xie, and they immediately swallowed back their words that had been right at the tip of their tongues.

    The fact that they had taken the Spirit Transformation Elixir straightaway had already irked Jun Wu Xie quite a bit. If they were to make all sorts of excuses now with these medicinal brews.....

    Without a word, Fan Zhuo picked up the bowl and poured the brew straight into his mouth, downing it all cleanly at one go.

    "It's alright, it isn't really all that bad to take." Fan Zhuo said with a smile.

    He had been quick downing the brew, but if his hand had not shook when he was putting the bowl down, he might have been a little more convincing.

    It must be known that Fan Zhuo had grown up immersed in all kinds of medicinal brews and elixirs. From a young age till now, things like medicinal brews to him, he must have drunk like about ten thousand bowls or several thousand at the very least. But when even Fan Zhuo was showing such a reaction after drinking the medicinal brew.....

    Qiao Chu almost burst out in tears as he stared at the medicinal brew.

    Rong Ruo and Hua Yao steeled themselves as they poured the medicine down their throats and they two of them just fell back and laid limply in their couches with their hands covering their mouths, causing Qiao Chu and Fei Yan to tremble more violently as they looked at the two of them.

    [This your mother's thing here can really be drunk?]

    "You're not going to drink?" Jun Wu Xie asked, staring at the two guys who still had not drunk a sip of the brew, her eyes seemingly saying: [You'd better drink it all up or I'll make you do it myself.]

    That scared Qiao Chu and Fei Yan so badly that they immediately cleaned out the bowl in an instant.

    After finishing it, their two faces were so mournful like life held no meaning for them, their hands clasped over their mouth to prevent themselves from vomiting the medicinal brew back out.

    Never in their entire lives had they drunk something so absolutely vile and nasty!

    "Finished drinking?" Jun Wu Xie swept her eyes over the lot of them.

    The several youths nodded their heads listlessly.

    "Good. Now drink up the next bowl as well." Jun Wu Xie's voice had just dropped when Long Qi immediately brought in the enormous pot of medicinal brew in.
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