Chapter 1944: “Medicinal Brew (2)”

    Chapter 1944: "Medicinal Brew (2)"

    Qiao Chu and the gang immediately collapsed in tears.

    There's more! !

    "Little Xie..... We still have to drink it?" Qiao Chu's face went from white to black, crying tearlessly as he stared at the pot of medicinal brew that was the same width as a grown man's waist.

    What kind of a brewing pot was that! ? It's a water urn you know! ?

    "Good medicine tastes bitter. What? You don't want to drink it?" Jun Wu Xie raised up an eyebrow alarmingly, the threat clear to see.

    With that, who dared to resist? All of them could only look mournfully at Jun Wu Xie with pure and utter despair in their eyes.

    Long Qi struggled to suppress the smile from showing on his face and under Jun Wu Xie's instructions, he filled up the bowls with medicinal brew for Qiao Chu and the others. Looking at the murky black brew swirling in their bowls, the companions' faces were looking uglier than when they had finished the first bowl.

    Even if this was some miracle medicine, but its taste.....

    Can they just choose to continue being sick and frail instead?

    It was very clear that the answer would be negative.

    The bunch of youths summoned up steely determination comparable to the most valiant of warriors, to lift up their bowls to just pour the brew down their throats.

    With that second bowl swirling in their bellies, they truly experienced what it was like to live feeling they're better off dead.

    Fei Yan was not able to endure it well as he lay sprawled over the side of his bed to retch but nothing came out, filling his entire mouth with the taste of the medicinal brew, almost killing himself with the smell.

    Tears flowed from his eyes from his retching and Fei Yan felt as if he was going to die.

    Qiao Chu was not doing any much better as he struggled so hard to hold it in, his face turning a deep red from suppression.

    Hua Yao, Rong Ruo and Fan Zhuo handled it a little better, but they laid there with their lips stiff, and it was not difficult to see that they were trying very hard to tolerate the ordeal.

    Unfortunately, the cruel torment had not ended yet. After the second bowl, Long Qi came around with the pot and poured out medicine for all of them again.

    Qiao Chu was almost glaring at Long Qi with indignant rage. "Big Brother Long Qi, are you sure that there's more of it in that pot?" [Can't he see that they're dying here? Can he be a little humane about it and spare a thought for them! ?]

    Long Qi looked at Qiao Chu with a highly serious expression and said in stoic righteousness: "Young Miss has already measured out seven portions for the five of you here." So, with them having merely finished just one or two bowls each, even if he wanted to pretend the pot is already empty, Jun Wu Xie would not believe it.

    "Se..... Seven portions....." Qiao Chu's eyes flared wide like a goldfish, staring incredulously at Long Qi. He just could not believe what kind of a number he had just heard.

    The faces of all the others turned so pale they looked green.

    "All of you will have to take this medicine everyday from now onwards." Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth once again, dumping upon them a piece of news that threw the minds of Qiao Chu and the gang into absolute chaos.

    In that instant, the five youths turned to stone.

    [They have to drink that everyday.....]

    "I..... I feel faint..... I need to sleep for awhile." Fei Yan quickly crawled under his blanket and curled himself into a ball, determined that he was going to play dead.

    "Sure you can. Long Qi, keep Fei Yan's portion aside. Heat it up for him to finish later at night." How could Jun Wu Xie possibly allow him to escape.

    Bundled up under his blanket, Fei Yan shivered.

    Fan Zhuo was the one who accepted his fate most readily. It might be because he was most used to drinking medicinal brews and although the taste of the medicine made it really hard to swallow, but he had long learned to numb his sense of taste while taking medicine. He downed the bowl of medicine cleanly and beckoned Long Qi to quickly fill his bowl up again, finishing up the remaining bowls at one go.

    With seven bowls of the medicinal brew in his stomach, Fan Zhuo immediately regretted it. Those seven bowls had filled his stomach completely, with the brew stuck at the back of his throat, the smell and taste of it assaulting him constantly. Fan Zhuo sunk into pure despair.

    Under Jun Wu Xie's watchful gaze, Qiao Chu and the others resigned themselves to their fate and finished all the medicine. After finishing it, all of them lay barely half alive on their beds like they were all afflicted with a grave illness.

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at Yue Ye and Yue Ye immediately carried a whole pile of elixirs bottles as she smilingly walked over to stand right before Qiao Chu and the companions.
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