Chapter 1945: “Medicinal Brew (3)”

    Chapter 1945: "Medicinal Brew (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at Yue Ye and Yue Ye immediately carried a whole pile of elixirs bottles as she smilingly walked over to stand right before Qiao Chu and the companions.

    "Time for my Uncle Masters to take their medicine." Yue Ye said as she looked smilingly at Qiao Chu and the others, seemingly oblivious to their looks of utter despair while she brought the tray in and placed it onto the table. She used five little boxes to separate five portions of medicine, pouring out elixirs from every single bottle into them before she went on to place them on the edge of the mattresses Qiao Chu and the others were lying on.

    Hua Yao swept a glance over the elixirs in the box, that one fleeting look seeing that it was filled to the brim, with several layers of pills in there.....

    This was as good as asking them to swallow elixirs as people would for rice!

    However, after having suffered the torment from the medicinal brew, the hearts of the gang had already as good as died inside them. Knowing that it was useless for them to resist, they could only resign themselves to their fate as they poured the elixirs into their mouths like they would beans. The most terrifying thing about it was that the elixirs melted immediately once inside their mouths, the vilely bitter taste in no way inferior to the medicinal brew earlier. That mouthful of elixirs caused the youths to sink so deeply into sorrowful rage they just wanted to die, but could do nothing but to swallow it all, their faces turned red from holding it in.

    Their bellies had already been filled up completely with medicinal brew earlier and now they had to stuff in another box full of elixirs.

    They all very nearly vomited everything out.

    Having never despised themselves before, the bunch of youths absolutely abhorred the kind of taste their mouths were making them feel at that moment.

    "Little bright moon..... Can you get your Master Uncles here a bit of water?" Qiao Chu asked with a trembling hand stretched out, the corners of his eyes glinting with suspicious wetness.

    (Translator's note: Little Yue,  means moon in Chinese)

    Yue Ye looked at Qiao Chu's mournful expression and asked: "Will the Master Uncles still be able to swallow it?"

    "Just to rinse our mouths....." [Don't make me speak anymore. I am already beginning to despise this mouth of mine already!]

    Yue Ye looked at her Master Uncles before her and then turned her head to look at her Master. Seeing Jun Wu Xie nodded her head in agreement, she then tottered herself outside in a run to bring a flask of cold tea, where she then poured out a cup for Qiao Chu and the others. The whole group of youths then frantically rinsed out their mouths, wishing toe wash out the sticky layer of goo that covered the inside of their mouths entirely.

    And the taste of that was just unmatchable!

    "The Spirit Transformation Elixir is not something that's so easy to take. If you want to do that again in future, you'd better think it through." Jun Wu Xie sat upon a chair, calmly holding a clear cup of tea in her hand, as she looked at the expressions on her companions' faces who were suffering a fate far worse than death.

    "Think it through! Definitely will think it through and through." Qiao Chu's voice sounded like he was about to cry.

    The youths were tormented by Jun Wu Xie to the extent they wished they would just die, but no matter how nasty and vile the medicinal brew tasted, it did not wipe away the concern under Jun Wu Xie's icy demeanor. The few of them knew very well that Jun Wu Xie was very much against them using the Spirit Transformation Elixir and she had given it to them only as a precautionary measure to save themselves in the event that they were pushed to an extent that they had no other choice. But they had all just taken it out and swallowed it right from the beginning instead.

    What she was doing now was merely seeking to make them deliberate on things more carefully before they decide to do something so harmful to themselves the next time.

    Of course, it could not be denied that there was reason to suspect that she was deliberately tormenting them here.

    But when the youths saw the bandage wrapped around Jun Wu Xie's forehead, none of them could bear to even give any thought to arguing at all.

    If one was talking about injuries, Jun Wu Xie was more severely wounded than any one of them there. But she had instead come rushing over so anxiously to check on their conditions. How could they ever bear to let her down with the kind and heartwarming intentions she was showing them?

    "Rest early after you have taken the medicine." Jun Wu Xie stood up, having had enough fun.

    Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang immediately wailed, their voice filled with relief.

    Jun Wu Xie walked out through the door, and saw Jun Wu Yao languidly leaning against the wall just beside the door, where upon that handsome looking face, hung a highly devilish smile.
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