Chapter 1946: “Temper One’s Spirit (1)”

    Chapter 1946: "Temper One's Spirit (1)"

    "Little Xie's heart is feeling a little pained?" Jun Wu Yao leaned his body slightly forward, his handsome face coming right before Jun Wu Xie's, to say with an imperceptible smile as he looked at Jun Wu Xie's pale countenance.

    Jun Wu Xie's lips stiffened, as she averted her eyes.

    Seeing the condition Qiao Chu and the others had been reduced to, did not make her feel good at all. She was the one who cultivated the Spirit Transformation Elixirs and she knew very well what kind of after effects it gave. When she saw how frail Qiao Chu and the others had become, with their spirit powers all depleted, she could not help but have a thought start to rise up within her mind.

    Maybe if she had not given them the Spirit Transformation Elixirs in the first place, they would then not have done that, and they would not be so badly weakened now.

    Based on the plans she had made, even without using the Spirit Transformation Elixirs, they would only need to drag things out for a period of time till Ye Gu and the others freed up their hands, they would then join hands with Qiao Chu and the others to take out the various Palace Lords together with the Flame Demons Palace Lord. But Qiao Chu and the rest of her companions had chosen to discard that idea which was the safest avenue for them and took things to the extreme in order for them to exact revenge with their own two hands.

    Jun Wu Xie understood their desire for vengeance, but she was unable to dispel the wretched state they were in now.

    Jun Wu Yao stretched out his hand to lift up Jun Wu Xie's chin gently, not allowing her to avoid the question.

    "Do you know, under the Heavens, real power and might does not come from our bodies, but from one's soul. Deficiencies in one's body is not the most critical as one only needs to temper one's spirit and that would make up for it, to the extent it can achieve even better effects." The little one's emotional range was becoming more and more abundant and Jun Wu Yao loved to be able to see more of her joy, rage, sorrow and delight on her face, but just did not want to see her show the slightest tinge of depression and worry.

    "Temper one's spirit?" Jun Wu Xie asked, slightly bewildered as she looked at Jun Wu Yao. Those words sounded highly foreign to her but they intrigued her very much.

    Jun Wu Yao nodded his head slightly, the underside of his thumb running over Jun Wu Xie's red luscious lips as he went on to say slowly: "The body can be exterminated but the soul remains unextinguished. Those with strong and powerful souls, when even their bodies are crushed, or even completely obliterated, are still able to depend on the strength of their souls to live on. Although Qiao Chu and the gang's bodies have suffered great damage, but their souls are still whole and intact. If they do not want to waste this upcoming one year's time, they can continue to raise their powers by tempering their spirits, and the effects would not be inferior to the cultivation all of you usually do."

    "Really?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes shone. The accident this time made her realize she still was not strong enough herself, and she was willing to wholeheartedly attempt anything that would enable her to grow her powers.

    "Have I ever lied to you?" Jun Wu Yao said with a highly devilish laugh, as he pinched Jun Wu Xie lightly on her chin.

    "Then how do we temper our spirits?" Jun Wu Xie just could not wait to begin.

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes swung over the bandage wrapped around Jun Wu Xie's forehead, and a glint of menace flashed in his eyes. Tempering one's spirit, It was time for him to teach Jun Wu Xie that.

    "Does Little Xie still remember the Spirit World?" Jun Wu Yao asked.

    "I remember. The place where Ring Spirits exist in. It is one of the Four Sides." Jun Wu Xie immediately related everything she knew about the place.

    The words Spirit World was first heard from Little Lotus' mouth. It was only after she came to the Middle Realm that she came to know that the Spirit World was one of the Four Sides in the Middle Realm.

    But having been in the Middle Realm for so long already, she had never encountered anyone from the Four Sides.

    The Four Sides of the Middle Realm were made up of the Spirit World, Living Spirit World, All Spirit World, and the Dark Spirit World.

    Although they were ranked above the Nine Temples, they kept a very low profile, and would only move within their own perimeter of influence, never coming into contact with outsiders. Whatever the people of the Middle Realm knew about the Four Sides, was a whole lot lesser than what they knew of the Dark Regions.
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