Chapter 1947: “Temper One’s Spirit (2)”

    Chapter 1947: "Temper One's Spirit (2)"

    "Only spirit souls can enter the Spirit World, but it is the best place for one to temper his spirit. If Little Xie wants to, I can bring all of you there." Jun Wu Yao said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie's absolutely shining eyes and his heart twitched, making him unable to resist leaning himself further forward to plant a light kiss on a corner of her eye.

    Jun Wu Xie shrank her head into her shoulders from the teasing.

    "The Spirit World. My father's soul should be there. I want to go!" Jun Wu Xie had not forgotten about bringing Jun Gu back to life. The Soul Calming Jade had protected Jun Gu's soul and must have transferred him into the Spirit World. Hence, she would naturally not give up on that chance.

    "But, it's a place that only spirit souls can go into. How are we going to get in?" Jun Wu Xie asked in puzzlement.

    "I have my ways. You only need to nurse yourself and recuperate, and you can just leave it to me to make arrangements for the rest of the things." Jun Wu Xie said with a smile, his thumb that was stroking her chin below her lips unwilling to give up the soft touch.

    Jun Wu Xie blinked her eyes innocently and suddenly lowered her head to bite onto Jun Wu Yao's thumb. She did not bite too hard, but just enough to leave a mark of her teeth on the flesh.

    Jun Wu Yao's face suddenly flushed red.....

    Squatting within the shadows, Ye Sha and Ye Mei put their palms to their faces silently. [The Young Miss was becoming more and more adept at teasing Lord Jue, and Lord Jue, why are you still unable to get rid of the habit of blushing?]

    The corners of Jun Wu Xie's mouth curled up faintly with a smile as she looked at Jun Wu Yao's slightly reddened face, and an idea suddenly came into her head to tease him back. She reached her hand out and copying Jun Wu Yao, she lifted Jun Wu Yao's chin and stroked it a little as she said softly.

    "Then I'll just leave everything in Wu Yao's hands to arrange it for me. I'll be waiting."

    Jun Wu Yao's face turned a deeper scarlet.....

    Jun Wu Xie's mood was greatly improved and the pain from the wounds on her body seemed to evaporate completely. She gave a light laugh, her heart filled with delight as Jun Wu Xie waltzed herself past Jun Wu Yao's side.

    Coming to know that they'll be able to use the method of tempering their spirits to make up for the period of time Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang would not be able to cultivate their bodies and that she would be able to go seek Jun Gu's soul in the Spirit World greatly lifted Jun Wu Xie's mood.

    The deaths of the Twelve Palaces' Palace Lords had kicked up a big wave of commotion. The Twelve Palaces' disciples who escaped had run far away from there and the injured disciples who were left behind were all in utter despair, thinking that they were all doomed to be killed. Never had they thought that that very afternoon, Mu Chen would suddenly lead a batch of his own disciples, to come treat the wounds and injuries for them, prisoners of war.

    Their actions, had immediately stunned the injured disciples to turn into wooden statues.

    They were not evil at heart, but just chose to remain loyal after having joined the Twelve Palaces. Those who remained and were still alive were all people who had not committed heinous crimes and Jun Wu Xie had no intentions of taking their lives at all. Moreover, with the Twelve Palaces already fallen, even if they were thinking to seek revenge, they had all lost their rulers. And Jun Wu Xie had also sent people to announce to them all the unscrupulous and highly despicable dealings and crimes the Twelve Palaces had carried out in secret.

    These simple and pure minded disciples had never been involved in such matters and when they were told of all the heinous crimes committed by the Twelve Palaces, they were all frozen in shock, every one of their faces turning grim.

    Those disciples who had wanted to fight to the death to seek revenge for their Palace Lords then suddenly stopped, having realized that the people they had pledged their allegiance to, were actually people who were unscrupulous and merciless demons. There were even of the more talented disciples whom the various palaces seeked to keep their talents strictly for themselves, where they severed all forms of contact with the outside world, and secretly got rid of all their family members, to have them remain loyal to the palace their entire lives, unable to have any second thought about it. All this information, were what Fei Yan brought out from the Dragon Slayers Palace, in fine detail.
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