Chapter 1948: “Avoiding Battle (1)”

    Chapter 1948: "Avoiding Battle (1)"

    With the stacks upon stacks of crimes placed before their eyes, The disciples from the various palaces could no longer find themselves anymore excuses to continue to be loyal. As for those disciples whose families had been persecuted, they just fell to the ground to weep in pain with snot covered faces, and it was under those sorrowful wailing that Mu Chen led a team of healers who began to treat these people's injuries.

    Those disciples who were still defiant when struck by such a blow, no longer resisted and just obediently cooperated.

    Those who had their families murdered even opened their mouths to thank Mu Chen and his men, thanking them for avenging their family members.

    With the prisoners of war from the Twelve Palaces dealt with, Qu Ling Yue sorted out all the information and sent them to Jun Wu Xie's room, for Jun Wu Xie to make the final decision for them.

    "Those from the Twelve Palaces in the city have curbed themselves, the twelve Palace Lords all dead, and the various palaces' Elders almost all eradicated. How do you want to deal with the rest of it?" Qu Ling Yue resisted the urge of wanting to ask Jun Wu Xie about her injuries, as she carried out her task of tying up the loose ends in a clear and orderly manner.

    "There is no need for us to worry about it. I'll arrange for someone to go inform the Spirit Jade Palace. This is an agreement I made with them before." Jun Wu Xie said as she looked through the scrolls prepared with highly meticulous detail, and she was filled with admiration for Qu Ling Yue's great capability.

    Back when she had initially approached the Spirit Jade Palace, she had already discussed all of this with the Spirit Jade Palace Lord. She would destroy the Twelve Palaces and let the Spirit Jade Palace lead. Jun Wu Xie had no other intentions towards the Twelve Palaces and dumping them onto the Spirit Jade Palace would be the least troublesome.

    "Then what do we need to do regarding Gu Ying?" Qu Ling Yue asked, an eyebrow slightly raised. Thinking back to the very moment when she had seen Jun Wu Yao carrying the blood covered Jun Wu Xie, her heart had felt like it was stirred with a blade. She had found out from Ye Sha after that that it had been caused by Gu Ying who led a group of men that suddenly came charging out.

    Gu Ying had killed Gu Yi, and the people he brought possessed powers far beyond that of people in the Twelve Palaces, so it was highly possible that he had mobilized the strength of the Spirit Void Temple.

    Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. The matter concerning Gu Ying was a rather thorny problem and she had asked Jun Wu Yao about Gu Ying earlier and that was how she came to know that Gu Ying had escaped by using the Soul Shift Technique. But the Soul Shift Technique caused great harm to the user and even though his soul might have escaped, it would be an extremely hard task for him to reconstruct his flesh body, so Gu Ying would not be able to stir up any trouble for a period.

    "We can leave that aside for the time being. We've just come out from a huge battle and even if we want to seek an explanation from the Spirit Void Temple, we will just be oppressed by the Nine Temples." It wasn't that Jun Wu Xie did not want to eradicate the root of the problem, but it was just that the strength they possessed was not sufficient to go against the Nine Temples. Crushing the Twelve Temples had already taken out quite a lot out of her. Scheming and plotting for two whole years, stirring up chaos within the Twelve Palaces' harmony before succeeding with the opportunity given by the Twelve Palaces' Summit. If they were to pit themselves against the Nine Temples at this point of time, there would be no need to even speak of revenge as everyone from the Lower Realm here might all fall under the hands of the Nine Temples.

    "After everything is handed over to the Spirit Jade Palace, all of you should immediately return to the Lower Realm and not remain here in the Middle Realm any longer." Jun Wu Xie did not know if the incident with Gu Ying would force the Nine Temples to act immediately and in order to prevent any unexpected accidents, she must send everyone back into the Lower Realm. So if the Nine Temples wanted to seek trouble with them, when they're in the Lower Realm, it would at least be where Jun Wu Xie called the shots and Jun Wu Xie was confident that even if the Nine Temples were to mobilize their entire strength, she would make them unable to return.

    But if the Nine Temples did not make any moves, that would naturally be best.

    This battle with the Twelve Palaces, though triumphant, had cost them significant losses. Qiao Chu together with the other companions, everyone of them a primary pillar of their might unable to summon up any spirit power, where even Ye Gu had been injured. Hence, it was definitely not a good time for them to get into another battle.

    "Alright. I'll go make the arrangements right now." Qu Ling Yue nodded, understanding Jun Wu Xie's concerns.

    "Then, with the Spirit Jade Palace, who do you want to go inform them?"
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