Chapter 1949: “The Swallow Returns (1)”

    Chapter 1949: "The Swallow Returns (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie gave it a thought and said: "Get my Master to go."

    "Yan Bu Gui?" Qu Ling Yue was slightly startled.

    (Translator Note: The name Yan Bu Gui, , reads as the Swallow doesn't return.)

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. "Get him to make a trip over here first."

    Qu Ling Yue nodded, and just after awhile, Yan Bu Gui was called to come into the room.

    Freed from living the life of a penniless and destitute man, having a nouveau rich like Jun Wu Xie as a disciple, it had truly saved Yan Bu Gui quite a bit of an headache.

    "Wu Xie, what do you need from me now that I'm here?" Yan Bu Gui asked as he languished himself into a seat before Jun Wu Xie. It seems his candid and unpretentious personality had not changed in the slightest.

    Jun Wu Xie watched Yan Bu Gui gaugingly without a word. Truth to told, she had never carefully studied Yan Bu Gui's looks before and what left the biggest impression on her besides his towering frame and unrestrained laughter was only that great big bushy beard that filled up Yan Bu Gui's face.

    Looking at it carefully now, Jun Wu Xie noticed that Yan Bu Gui was actually not as crude and coarse as he seemed at first glance. His brows were handsome and not coarse, his nose tall and outstanding. If one covered that beard and only looked at his eyes and brows, he would actually cut a rather strong and dashing figure, but it was that full bush of a beard over his face that made people subconsciously feel this person was a little boorish.

    Being stared at so intensely by this little disciple of his, even Yan Bu Gui was beginning to feel rather uncomfortable. He cleared his throat and he was a little awkward as he looked at Jun Wu Xie to say: "Why are you staring at me for? It makes me feel rather embarrassed."

    "....." Jun Wu Xie was speechless. She really could not link this Yan Bu Gui before her eyes together with Su Ya, as she could not help but feel when these two people stood together, it makes her think of a certain cartoon film in her past life, Beauty and the Beast.

    Although that was what she thought in her heart, but Jun Wu Xie had not forgotten Su Ya's deep obsession.

    "Master, were you from the Middle Realm in the past?"

    "That's a matter of many long years past. I am now a person from our Lower Realm already." Yan Bu Gui said jovially.

    "I remember that Master was from the Palace of All Life?" Jun Wu Xie continued to ask.

    "Mm." Yan Bu Gui nodded, not knowing why his little disciple was suddenly so interested in all that.

    "Then why did Master leave back then? Could it be you were in the same situation as the parents of Qiao Chu and the others?" Jun Wu Xie was looking straight at Yan Bu Gui.

    Yan Bu Gui was slightly startled and his eyes lowered as he tried to hide a tinge of loss within.

    "Why I left is now no longer important. I have left the Middle Realm for a long time and let things that have past remain as the past. There is no meaning in bringing it up again."

    "Isn't there nobody that you miss or care about in the Middle Realm?" Jun Wu Xie was staring fixedly at Yan Bu Gui. For a woman like Su Ya, which man under the Heavens would not love and admire her?

    Yan Bu Gui sunk into a deep silence, seemingly unwilling to think of anything regarding that at all. He remained quiet for a rather long while but under Jun Wu Xie's resolute gaze, he knew he would not be able to brush the topic away and that was when he started to say slowly: "Your Master me is human as well, and I naturally have feelings. Although I have left the Middle Realm, I did stay here for many years. When people interact with each other, feelings and emotional attachments are unavoidable. But there are not many people I can still remember here and even if I do, I wouldn't know if that person is still around. Rather than saying that they are people that I miss, I should rather say it's people I've let down."

    It was the first time Yan Bu Gui's jovial voice sounded with a tinge of sadness and dejection.

    Jun Wu Xie saw every single reaction that Yan Bu Gui was showing. Meeting Jun Wu Yao let Jun Wu Xie learnt what feelings were, what love was. She might not have known in the past, but today, she saw longing in Yan Bu Gui's eyes, just like she had seen in Su Ya's eyes as well.
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