Chapter 1950: “The Swallow Returns (2)”

    Chapter 1950: "The Swallow Returns (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie took a deep breath and then opened her mouth to say slowly: "Ever since I set foot into the Middle Realm, my heart has only been focused on bringing down the Twelve Palaces. For that I had gone to the Battle of Deities with Qiao Chu and the others and as expected we were all chosen where we all went to the Cloudy Brook Academy in the end."

    "Heh, Qiao Chu told me about that already." Yan Bu Gui said with a laugh.

    But Jun Wu Xie did not miss the strange glint that flashed in Yan Bu Gui's eyes when she mentioned "Cloudy Brook Academy".

    "I acknowledged another person as my Master in the Cloudy Brook Academy. That person has a queer personality and did not think much of me in the beginning. It was only when the Headmaster personally asked her to teach me that she accepted me reluctantly. It was only after a long while had passed that she slowly came to accept me. She then told me that she had actually not wanted to accept any more disciples." There was no joy or sorrow in Jun Wu Xie's voice, like she was talking about something that had nothing to do with her.

    Yan Bu Gui was highly entranced as he listened, and no one knew what he was thinking.

    "She was beautiful and gorgeous looking but drinks like her life depended on it. She was irritable and violent but highly protective. Whoever bullies me in the slightest and she will personally seek justice for me. She once said to me that her disciple must definitely not be bullied by anyone and if he get bullied, he must fight back. And if he is not a match for the opponent, then she will help him fight back. Master, do you think she is a good Master?" When Jun Wu Xie finished, her gaze locked onto the silent Yan Bu Gui.

    Yan Bu Gui's hand that was holding the urn of wine trembled slightly, seemingly like he was struggling very hard to hold himself back.

    "That's right, a person who is so protective would naturally be a good Master." It was not known why Yan Bu Gui's voice was sounding a little raspy.

    "Master Su Ya is a great person and she treats me very well, but I know that she holds an obsession in her heart. She said she remains at the Cloudy Brook Academy because she is waiting for someone, a person who let her down." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly.

    Yan Bu Gui had a hand holding his forehead, casting a shadow over his face.

    "She should not wait. In the end, some people are unable to go back anymore and are too ashamed to face her again."

    "Why? If it's because of the All Life Palace, the All Life Palace has been destroyed. Why can't you meet?" Jun Wu Xie did not understand. She had gotten Fei Yan to look into everything about the All Life Palace back when he was in the Dragon Slayers Palace but he had not been able to find any information linked to Yan Bu Gui.

    According to reason, if there was any enmity between Yan Bu Gui and the All Life Palace, with the information network the Dragon Slayers Palace had, they would not have missed it. Now that the All Life Palace was gone, even if Yan Bu Gui still had any misgivings, there was no longer a need for him to be concerned with it.

    Yan Bu Gui shook his head.

    "Wu Xie, I understand your kind intentions, but this matter is far from being as simple as you think it is. The reason is not because of anything between the All Life Palace and me. Even though the All Life Palace has been destroyed, I still do not dare to go seek her out. You don't understand, if I go to her side, I will only draw calamity onto her, or even..... I cannot stay here in the Middle Realm much longer and I will be leaving soon after."

    Yan Bu Gui's tone of voice was filled with a kind of helplessness. He hesitated a moment before he looked and Jun Wu Xie and said: "Wu Xie, I can see that Jun Wu Yao is very important to you. If you trust me as your Master, leave as soon as you can from the Middle Realm. Go to the Lower Realm, anyplace will do. Do not continue to remain here. The Middle Realm to Jun Wu Yao, is just too dangerous!"

    Yan Bu Gui's words caused Jun Wu Xie to be rather startled, that this matter would concern Jun Wu Yao was something that she had never thought about before.

    "Master, these words you're saying..... what does it mean?"

    Yan Bu Gui clenched his teeth together, seemingly wanting to saying something, but he just could not, like he was very concerned about something.

    "I will never seek you any harm. All of you have exacted your revenge. Do not stay here any longer. The Middle Realm is not a good place at all."
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