Chapter 1951: “The Swallow Returns (3)”

    Chapter 1951: "The Swallow Returns (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie furrowed up her brows as she looked at Yan Bu Gui. Yan Bu Gui's words were making her detect a sense of danger.

    There must be some reason that was making Yan Bu Gui not dare to meet Su Ya, and to not dare to remain here in the Middle Realm. That very same reason was also linked to Jun Wu Yao in some way.

    "Master, you know Wu Yao's identity." That was not a query from Jun Wu Xie, but a statement affirming her conjecture.

    Yan Bu Gui smiled bitterly and said: "Among the people of the Middle Realm, who would not recognize that pair of violet eyes? Even if they had never seen it before, just seeing that pair of eyes would tell them that is the Dark Emperor."

    "How did the Dark Emperor fall back then? Does Master know?" Jun Wu Xie was certain that Yan Bu Gui must know something about it. Although judging by his age, he would not know anything about it but his words kept giving Jun Wu Xie the feeling that he did.

    Things about Jun Wu Yao, Jun Wu Xie had never probed much into them but Yan Bu Gui's words had made her sense danger and she could not help herself but to ask.

    Yan Bu Gui knew very well that he should not say anything more but when he saw Jun Wu Xie's slightly anxious gaze, he could not harden his heart any longer.

    "The Dark Emperor did not fall. He merely had his powers sealed and imprisoned somewhere in the Lower Realm. Wu Xie, do you know just how powerful the true powers of the Dark Emperor really is?"

    "True power?" Jun Wu Xie was slightly taken aback. Could it be that Jun Wu Yao currently did not possess his full strength?

    Yan Bu Gui then said: "I know that you must feel that Jun Wu Yao is very strong now, stronger than anything we know of. But I must tell you. When Jun Wu Yao was the Dark Emperor, when his powers were at its peak, with such one single stroke, he would be able to annihilate more than every single person in the Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces. That is his true strength."

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes widened slightly. Jun Wu Yao who had been so powerful back then, just who could have possibly been able to capture him, and sealed up all his powers to imprison him in that dark cave that never saw the light of day?

    "The Dark Emperor was set up and taken in by sly schemes to fall into a trap. The Jun Wu Yao I saw before had although regained some of his powers, but compared to when he was at his peak, it's still worlds apart. In his current state, if he was discovered by those same people from back then, they will surely not hesitate to capture him and take him away at all cost. So, bring Jun Wu Yao and leave the Middle Realm now." Yan Bu Gui persuaded sincerely with all his heart.

    Jun Wu Xie's head was buzzing from what she had heard, seemingly having caught the crux of the matter.

    "Master, the reason for your departure back then had also been because of those same people?"

    Yan Bu Gui nodded his head solemnly.

    "Wu Xie, that is not something you can go touch at all. Even the Dark Emperor was taken down back then. You definitely must not come into any form of contact with them."

    Jun Wu Xie was slightly stunned.

    A slender figure suddenly came to appear right behind her, to wrap Jun Wu Xie whose body had turned slightly chill into an embrace, his violet eyes looked displeased as he stared at the frozen Yan Bu Gui.

    "Dark Emperor." Yan Bu Gui's heart quaked.

    Jun Wu Yao narrowed his eyes as he stared at Yan Bu Gui to say: "If you are not Little Xie's Master, you would already be dead."

    Yan Bu Gui's entire body turned chill involuntarily, the oppressive aura emanating from Jun Wu Yao making it hard for him to breathe. He knew very clearly that Jun Wu Yao's words were in no way a joke.

    "When one is powerless to protect the person he loves, then he's useless." Jun Wu Yao said as he eyed Yan Bu Gui coldly. The words that Yan Bu Gui had told Jun Wu Xie just now, had caused murder to rise within him.

    Those matters, were not things the current Jun Wu Xie should know about.

    Yan Bu Gui's eyes quivered, knowing that he had said too much.

    "Who wants to capture you?" Jun Wu Xie raised her head up to look at Jun Wu Yao, her eyes reflecting Jun Wu Yao's countenance.
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