Chapter 1952: “The Swallow Returns (4)”

    Chapter 1952: "The Swallow Returns (4)"

    "It's nothing. You don't need to think too much about these things." Jun Wu Yao said as he ruffled Jun Wu Xie's little head.

    Jun Wu Xie's brows creased up slightly, sensing that Jun Wu Yao had no intentions of talking about it anymore.

    To be able to cause Jun Wu Yao to be concerned, it would not be any ordinary person. That he did not want to say anything, Jun Wu Xie could understand why. He was afraid that she would be dragged into it.

    Seeing Jun Wu Xie's brows creased up in a frown, Jun Wu Yao's heart couldn't bear to see it and he said in a soft voice: "It is not yet the right time. When the time is ripe, I will definitely tell you everything."

    Jun Wu Xie pulled Jun Wu Yao's hand off and stared unblinkingly at him.

    "It's because I'm too weak."

    Jun Wu Xie's words stuffed up Jun Wu Yao's heart heavily and he wrapped her up tightly in a hug as he said in a serious tone: "You're not weak. Your heart is stronger than anyone else. But you're still growing and you should not let these matters perplex your heart. One fine day, you will become powerful enough."

    Jun Wu Xie vowed silently to herself that the day would come where she would grow so strong that Jun Wu Yao could reveal anything and everything to her without any misgivings.


    Seeing the two of them locked in tight embrace, Yan Bu Gui heart was feeling rather complicated. He could not help but think, that if he had the same kind of resolute determination like Jun Wu Yao back then, would he then not have had to let her down.

    Jun Wu Xie composed her emotion. She was not a person who liked to indulge in self pity and since she knows the problem laid with her being weak, she would then not continue to dwell on it. Only by becoming stronger, would she completely resolve the problem.

    "Master, I had initially thought to ask you to go bring the news of the Twelve Palaces' eradication to the Spirit Jade Palace and go see that other Master of mine along the way. But since the knot in your heart still has not unraveled, then....."

    "I'll go!" Yan Bu Gui suddenly changed his mind.

    Jun Wu Xie was rather surprised.

    Yan Bu Gui smiled bitterly and said: "The Dark Emperor is right. I had been useless, and I have been too narrow sighted. I have always thought that staying far away from her was a form of protection for her but have never considered that it will also bring her pain. Seeing the highly determined resolve from the both of you, I seem to have understood something. I made a wrong choice back then, and I would like to salvage it now."

    He could no longer remember how many years it had been since he left, but he still remembered vividly the last time he saw Su Ya. Her smiling countenance beautiful as flowers in bloom, filled his dreams on so many nights, her svelte figure always hovering before his eyes, never going away. That reflected the longing in his heart, a longing he could not let go of, indelible, destined to follow him his entire life.

    A smile rose up within Jun Wu Xie's eyes, as she knew the long wait someone had been enduring up in Mount Fu Yao, was finally yielding fruit.

    "The Spirit Jade Palace is just in the mid levels of Mount Fu Yao. I will get Fei Yan to draw you a map. This key here is the key to open the entrance door into the Spirit Jade Palace. You only need to tell them the news about the Twelve Palaces and you can then go on ahead to the Cloudy Brook Academy to see Master Su Ya."

    Yan Bu Gui accepted the key and nodded his head at Jun Wu Xie.

    "I leave tomorrow."

    Upon saying that, Yan Bu Gui then walked himself out.

    Jun Wu Yao's chin was resting upon Jun Wu Xie's head, and as he looked at Yan Bu Gui's departing back, a smile curled up the ends of his lips.

    "This Master of yours, isn't all that dense afterall."

    "That is my Master." Jun Wu Xie retorted with an eyebrow lifting up slightly. She raised a hand to hold up Jun Wu Yao's chin, as she released herself from the torment upon the top of her head.

    "I should be able to stabilize Qiao Chu's condition and all the others in about a month's time. Shall we move out after one month?"

    Jun Wu Yao smiled indulgently, seeing Jun Wu Xie's eyes lit with anticipation, knowing that it was his own predicament that was causing the little one to become so anxious to gain power.

    "Sure! But if your own injuries are not healed by then, I will not bring you there."
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