Chapter 1953: “The Swallow Returns (5)”

    Chapter 1953: "The Swallow Returns (5)"

    With Yan Bu Gui's heart set on seeing Su Ya, he hurriedly went back to his room, and stared into the mirror for a long while.

    The man in the mirror was tall and imposing, his face covered by a wild bushy beard. Although he had already had a change of clothes, the thuggish look of a bandit about him was still clear to see. Yan Bu Gui stroked at his beard for a long while as he stared at the razor blade at the side. He suddenly took a deep breath and reached his hand out to pick it up.

    After Qiao Chu and the others had sufficiently suffered through Jun Wu Xie's "revenge", they were living a life worse than death.

    Jun Wu Xie was also carrying injuries herself and she was naturally unable to take care of them. It had been the little Yue Ye who had instead taken over her own Master's task, popping in and out of the room Qiao Chu and the others were in everyday, casually bringing in a humongous cauldron of medicine that made Qiao Chu and the others to cringe in horror just by looking at it, with Yue Yi, her own brother, roped in as a helper.

    "I'll say, Little Moon, your master is a patient as well. Aren't you going to help her?" Qiao Chu said with a twitch tugging at the corner of his mouth as he stared at Yue Ye busying herself all over the place. If the little doll had not come in here forcing them to drink that nauseating brew, they would have welcomed her visits very much.

    Yue Ye raised her head up to look at Qiao Chu, but her action of grinding the medicine into powder did not stop as she answered with a serious face: "Master's skills in healing so way much better than mine. I will only add on to her troubles if I go there."

    [So you're using us for practice then?] Qiao Chu thought to himself as he cried, but no tears came out.

    Though that was what his heart thought, Qiao Chu did not have the guts to say it. He had not forgotten that standing behind this little lass, was the devil herself, Jun Wu Xie.

    The group of youths who were feeling bitter and sorry for himself to be tormented like this by Jun Wu Xie and her little disciple, suddenly saw a figure appear at their door.

    A tall and towering man, with a handsome countenance and a dominating air was walking into their room.

    Qiao Chu's brows creased up as he stared at this man he did not know at all, but at the same time felt rather familiar, two highly contradicting views.

    "You are?" Yue Ye blinked her eyes at him, looking at the man that she had never seen before.

    "Cough." The handsome man with the dominating air cleared his throat, as he stared back a little awkwardly at the several youths who were looking at him with a querying look in their eyes.

    "I am your Grandmaster." The man replied.

    Yue Ye's face became highly flustered, obviously unable to remember which Grandmaster it was.

    "My Master told me before, that she has three different Masters, but....." Yue Ye was feeling rather confused. Among Jun Wu Xie's three Masters, one had already passed on into the afterlife and the other two were Yan Bu Gui and one she had never met, but she knew was a lady.

    "I am Yan Bu Gui." The man said rather awkwardly.

    "PUU! ! !" Qiao Chu spurted out the entire mouthful of medicinal brew he had just poured into his mouth completely.

    "Ma.....Master?" Qiao Chu's eyes widened bigger than a goldfish's, as he stared incredulously at Yan Bu Gui.

    Not just Qiao Chu, even Hua Yao and the rest of the gang were showing faces of stunned incredulity.

    Who in the world would be able to draw any kind of link between this handsome man with such a dominating air about him with that slovenly and unkempt Master of theirs they had always known?

    "Master, how..... How did you turn out like this?" If not for the fact that the voice was still the same, Qiao Chu would really have thought that this person before his eyes was impersonating their Master!

    The expression on Yan Bu Gui's face became more and more awkward. He cleared his throat uncomfortably and said: "I have merely shaved off my beard and the bunch of you already can't recognise me. You all deserve a thrashing I think!" As he said that, he rubbed at his chin, the smooth feeling under his fingers was something he still hadn't gotten used to.

    "....." Qiao Chu was speeechless.

    With such a big change, who would be able to tell?

    When they had acknowledged Yan Bu Gui as their Master, Yan Bu Gui's was already covered in that great bushy beard. It had been so many years and none of them had ever seen him shave his beard before. Moreover.....
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