Chapter 1954: “The Swallow Returns (6)”

    Chapter 1954: "The Swallow Returns (6)"

    Wasn't the disparity a little tad bit too big! ?

    Even if you beat Qiao Chu to death, he would never have thought that his crude and boorish Master would look like such a ladies man just by shaving off his beard.

    Shocking, doncha think! ?

    It could be he was feeling even more uncomfortable being under his disciples' stunned gazes that Yan Bu Gui's face turned dark as he said sternly: "I came here to find all of you today to bid all of you goodbye temporarily. I will be leaving right this afternoon and will not be returning anytime soon. All of you do not have any spirit powers now and you must remember to exercise some restraint on your temper, and not stir up anymore trouble for Wu Xie."

    "Huh? Master, where are you going?" Fei Yan immediately asked when he heard that Yan Bu Gui was leaving.

    But looking at that face on Yan Bu Gui, he could not help but feel that he had mistaken him for somebody.

    Yan Bu Gui lifted up an eyebrow slightly and said: "Your Master I, am going in pursuit of my lifelong happiness. All of you better watch yourself well."

    Yan Bu Gui's words immediately caused the youths' faces to become surprised. But as their surprise dissipated, the gazes they were looking at Yan Bu Gui with then turned highly amused.

    "What kind of a look are all of you giving me! ?" Yan Bu Gui noticed that the eyes of the bunch of rascals did not look right.

    "I had thought why Master would suddenly decide to shave off his beard for no reason. So it is because he wants to change his image to go pursue a wife." Fei Yan said teasingly as he rubbed at his chin.

    "No need to say. Master, with the way you look now, you will definitely mesmerize a whole bunch of young ladies without any problem. See how handsome you look!" Qiao Chu nodded his head vehemently in agreement, not forgetting to add in some boot licking.

    Yan Bu Gui's face turned red from their merciless teasing, as he suppressed the strong urge to teach them a good lesson on the spot, worrying about their ailing body and had no choice but to give up on that thought.

    "The whole lot of you had better shut your gaps!"

    "You guys better stop. Don't you see that your Master's face had turned all red?" Fan Zhuo had not taken Yan Bu Gui as his Master, but still chirped in with a smile.

    "Why do I seem to feel that after Master shaved off his beard, the skin on his face has thinned out as well? Why is his face turning red so easily now?" Qiao Chu continued to say, seemingly unafraid of death.

    Yan Bu Gui was almost driven to vomit out blood by this bunch of rascals. He had initially come with well intentions to bid them goodbye, and instead of seeing them reluctant to part, he was very nearly driven to his grave from rage!

    "Qiao Chu! Fei Yan! The two of you just wait. When your bodies have recovered, see how your Master is going to deal with you two." Yan Bu Gui cracked his knuckles threateningly. "Hurry up and nurse yourselves back to health, to wait for your Master to come back and peel your skin off!"

    Upon saying that, Yan Bu Gui turned and walked out in a huff.

    As Qiao Chu and the others looked at Yan Bu Gui's departing back, they discreetly rubbed at their noses.

    It was not that they wanted to see Yan Bu Gui leave, but the image Yan Bu Gui had suddenly assumed before he left really made it hard for them to accept.

    Yan Bu Gui had left, bringing with him the news that the Twelve Palaces had been destroyed to the Spirit Jade Palace, before he would go resolve the longing that had been hidden in his heart for so many years.

    Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang consistently drank medicinal brews and ate medicine everyday, their bodies so frail they were not even able to get out from their beds, the days that passed feeling like they were being reared as pigs.

    Till half a month later, Granny Yue came to see Jun Wu Xie, to tell Jun Wu Xie that the Cloudy Brook Academy had been emptied out. After their batch of disciples left, the Cloudy Brook Academy's teachers had all dispersed and separated, leaving the academy empty and completely devoid of people.

    Yan Bu Gui had naturally not been able to find Su Ya, but he had not returned here, not giving up but went on to find out some clues about Su Ya's departure from the Spirit Jade Palace and went in pursuit towards where the clues indicated.

    The Spirit Jade Palace took in all the remaining strength of the Twelve Palaces, and Granny Yue came to relay the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's thanks in gratitude.

    Nobody had ever thought that the agreement to cooperate made almost in jest would actually come to fruition after just a year's time.
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