Chapter 1956: “Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (2)”

    Chapter 1956: "Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (2)"

    "Har?" Qiao Chu and the others stared in surprise at Jun Wu Xie, not understanding for a moment what she was saying.

    "We are not going back? If we do not go back, and with the condition our bodies are in now, remaining here in the Middle Realm would be too....." Fei Yan said hesitantly. Although he didn't want to admit it, but with them being no different from being as good as useless trash, remaining behind would only drag Jun Wu Xie down.

    "To put it more accurately, it's your souls that are remaining behind." Jun Wu Xie then continued to say.

    At that moment, Hua Yao and the others were even more confused.

    Only Rong Ruo was looking rather thoughtful as she glanced at Jun Wu Yao standing behind Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at her several little companions who were looking rather bewildered and she opened her mouth to explain: "I have discussed it with Jun Wu Yao. In the year that all of you are suffering from the side effects of the Spirit Transformation Elixir, he'll bring your souls to the Spirit World and we'll continue with our cultivation over there."


    "Spirit World?"

    The faces of the youths were filled with shock and they could not believe what they had just heard.

    "But isn't the Spirit World a place that only spirits forms are able to go to? How is it possible for us to go there just like that?" Rong Ruo asked as she looked puzzledly at Jun Wu Xie.

    Qiao Chu had turned deathly pale as he clutched at his chest over his heart to say in despair: "Little Xie..... are you thinking that we are all now useless and you want us to take our own lives, to become homeless spirits and go there to cultivate....."

    [They were only going to be trash for a year..... They were not prepared to die yet.....]

    A twitch involuntarily started to tug at a corner of Jun Wu Xie's mouth and she completely ignored Qiao Chu who was spouting a whole mouthful of nonsense but to turn to Rong Ruo to explain instead: "The exact method used to do that will be carried out by Jun Wu Yao. We will only need to follow him and that's all we need to do."

    Jun Wu Yao looked smilingly the confused and bewildered group and his figure suddenly appeared in a flash before Qiao Chu.

    Suddenly looking at that handsome countenance close up, Qiao Chu gasped in shock.

    [Damn, Big Brother Wu Yao is so good looking!]

    Without waiting for him to be able to give voice to his thoughts, Jun Wu Yao's hand suddenly went through Qiao Chu's chest in that instant!

    "Big Brother Wu Yao, what are you doing?" Hua Yao was rather taken aback as he stared at Qiao Chu's chest that had Jun Wu Yao's hand plunged right inside. The scene was just too brutal and it caused shock to fill up in everyone's heart!

    Even Jun Wu Xie's eyes widened slightly, but Jun Wu Yao then suddenly stretched a hand out to block Jun Wu Xie's eyes.

    The corners of Jun Wu Yao's lips curled up slightly, and the hand that was plunged through Qiao Chu's chest was slowly retracted, and with that action, a ghostly figure was actually pulled out from Qiao Chu's body!

    In the instant that Jun Wu Yao's hand came out from Qiao Chu's body completely, Qiao Chu immediately fell backwards with his eyes closed.

    Fortunately Jun Qing was quick to move as he shot forward to hold Qiao Chu's body.

    However, a ghostly figure had appeared right before the eyes of Hua Yao and the rest of the gang, the countenance of that insubstantial figure looking exactly like Qiao Chu.

    The spectral Qiao Chu stood in his spot looking greatly surprised. For an instant there just now, he had felt like he had an illusion, like he was in a dream where things were just too surreal. Jun Wu Yao's hand had clearly plunged right through into his body but he had not felt the slightest bit of pain, but just felt an uncomfortable sensation that he was being pulled. When that feeling intensified, his consciousness had become muddled and unclear and when he regained back his senses, he found himself back in the same spot. But when he saw "himself" held in Jun Qing's arms, his mind suddenly turned blank.

    "This here, is your soul." Jun Wu Yao's voice then sounded within his ears at that moment.

    "My..... soul?" Qiao Chu looked down in shock, to stare at his translucent pair of hands.
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