Chapter 1957: “Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (3)”

    Chapter 1957: "Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (3)"

    Qiao Chu was feeling great. Originally weak and frail, that had disappeared without a trace. He no longer felt any discomfort or lethargy, but just an unexplainable feeling of emptiness. He looked at his own two hands, and through that spectral shade, he could clearly see the cracks in the stone slabs on the ground. The feeling that was going through his body was just too strange for words.

    "This is a soul?" Hua Yao's eyes widened. If he was not seeing it with his own eyes, he really would not dare to believe that there could be such a thing in this world, that someone could actually drag a person's soul out from his body.

    Hua Yao immediately bent down to check for breathing under the nose of Qiao Chu's body.

    "Pulling out one's soul will not have any other effect on a person's body, but just as if he has fallen asleep. The only difference is that they would not wake up." It was as if Jun Wu Yao could see Hua Yao's worry, and he opened his mouth to explain.

    "This is really amazing." Qiao Chu's eyes stared, looking at himself in spirit form and then turning his head to look at his own body. He could not help himself but to walk over, thinking to touch his own body.

    But when he stretched his hand out, his hand went right through his own flesh body.


    "You are just a new spirit, and have not yet grasp the unique qualities of a spirit form. With the current level of power in your spirit, you will not be able to touch anything." Jun Wu Yao said.

    "I am now a spirit form?" Qiao Chu was thinking the feeling was just too strange. When he checked through his spiritual body, he discovered within the chest of his translucent soul, a tiny little figure was cuddled up sound asleep.

    That figure was solid, and not translucent, its stark contrast of black and white, curled up in a ball, looking extremely adorable.

    "Rolly?" Qiao Chu looked at the little furball inside his chest, and immediately recognized its identity.

    Wasn't that a miniature version of the Ying Yang Bear?

    "Ring Spirits are spirit forms by itself and their existence are directly linked to your souls." Jun Wu Yao said with a shrug.

    "Heh. Little fella, so you're still with me." Qiao Chu could not help but want to poke at the Ying Yang Bear, and as he smiled, he discovered something highly shocking.

    "Heavens be damned! Where're my clothes! ?"

    Caught up in his astoundment from having his soul parted from his body, Qiao Chu suddenly realized that his entire body was stark naked and he wasn't covered at all in the slightest!

    "Pfft! Hahaha!" Fei Yan had endured it for so long and his finally burst out laughing, having already noticed that all along.

    "Argh! Argh! Argh! Arrrgh!" Qiao Chu let out a wail, and squatted himself down, trying his hardest to cover his stark naked body. However, as a brand new spirit form, he was translucent and there was no way he could cover himself at all.

    Qiao Chu almost wanted to cry.

    He finally understood, why Jun Wu Yao had covered Jun Wu Xie's eyes earlier! !

    Knowing that their souls could be parted from their flesh bodies, Hua Yao and the others were more prepared. Jun Qing got Long Qi to fetch a few men to catch Hua Yao and the others when they fell before Jun Wu Yao went on to pull their souls out, where he kept Jun Wu Xie's eyes tightly covered throughout the entire process.

    Although she knew what Jun Wu Yao was concerned about, but.....

    Jun Wu Xie really felt like telling him, that back in her previous life, she had already dissected an uncountable number of bodies of the opposite sex!

    When it was Rong Ruo's turn, Fei Yan's soul that had just been dragged out from his body shot himself right in between Rong Ruo and Jun Wu Yao, his face bitterly mournful.

    "Big Brother Wu Yao, can we go inside a room before doing it?"

    [This one is to be his future little wife! !]
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