Chapter 1958: “Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (4)”

    Chapter 1958: "Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (4)"

    Rong Ruo was feeling at quite a loss as she looked at Fei Yan. Jun Wu Yao raised up an eyebrow slightly and a faint smile passed his lips.


    His mind set at ease by the reply, Fei Yan heaved a sigh of relief, before hurrying to hide inside one of the houses at the side.

    Just like Qiao Chu, when their souls parted from their bodies, there wasn't a sliver of clothing upon them.

    Rong Ruo followed Jun Wu Yao into a room, as Qiao Chu and the others hid helplessly as they trembled. They were not able to physically touch anything and they had no choice but to remain unclothed.

    Not long after, Jun Wu Yao came walking out from the room, and Rong Ruo stepped out just a step behind him. Jun Wu Xie smelled a faint scent, of something that had just been burnt.

    "Little Ruo?" Jun Wu Xie stared at the figure of Rong Ruo. It was strange to say the least, but Rong Ruo's soul looked rather different from her flesh body. She was a little taller, her countenance leaning more towards handsomeness, and what Jun Wu Xie was more curious about was the fact that Rong Ruo was wearing clothes.

    "Mm." Rong Ruo smiled slightly.

    Leaning out over the window's ledge to look outside, Fei Yan was slightly taken aback when he saw Rong Ruo, where he could not help but feel that something was not right. But before he could think deeper into it, Qiao Chu at the side was already shouting at the top of his voice.

    "Little Ruo! Why do you have clothes! ?"

    Rong Ruo's spectral body was translucent just like theirs, but she was wearing a suit of clothes. Although they were also translucent, it covered her modesty, not stark naked like Qiao Chu and the others.

    "Ye Jie made it for me." Rong Ruo lowered her head to look at her own clothes, and smiled.

    A small figure then came walking out from inside the room. After Ye Gu was injured, Ye Jie had then appeared. Ye Jie stood shyly by the door as she looked at the people outside.

    "Huh? Ye Jie! ! I want that too! Me too!" Qiao Chu immediately protested. Although he wasn't not able to physically feel anything, he still knew how to feel shame you know! ? Being so completely exposed, not to mention going to the Spirit World, he wouldn't even dare to step out through the door!

    Ye Jie looked at Qiao Chu, and then looked over to Jun Wu Yao.

    Jun Wu Yao nodded, and Ye Jie then carried the Hell's Rodent in her hand to come walking out.

    The Hell's Rodent opened his mouth and spat out a set of the Four Treasures of Literacy and a large stack of  papers. Ye Jie pulled out a sheet of paper that was bigger than she was on the ground, and knelt right upon it to dip the brush into the ink, to start drawing upon the pure white paper. Sets of clothes were quickly drawn out on the paper. Ye Jie drew very quickly and they were done in great detail. Outer robes, inner robes, pants, shoes, socks, and even jade head pieces were drawn out looking highly lifelike. After finishing with the drawing, Ye Jie picked up a pair of scissors and meticulously cut out the clothes and accessories she had drawn.

    (Translator's Note: Four Treasures of Literacy -  wen2 fang2 shi4 bao3, consists of brush, ink, paper, and ink slab.)

    Ye Sha then brought out a little cauldron of fire and after Ye Jie finished cutting out the paper, she looked towards Qiao Chu.

    "Birth date and time."

    Qiao Chu quickly related the information and Ye Jie wrote the details on those pieces of paper before she unceremoniously dumped them all into the cauldron of flames.

    In the instant that those drawings of clothes were completely burnt, a set of clothes suddenly appeared on Qiao Chu's body, and even his hair was bound up with a jade headpiece.

    Qiao Chu looked in surprise at his own clothes, unable to believe that he was already wearing the clothes just like that.

    With Qiao Chu as an example, Fei Yan, Hua Yao and Fan Zhuo all pleaded with Ye Jie to draw them a set as well.

    After they were dressed in the clothes "burnt" for them, the group of youths who had been hiding inside the room and afraid to come out finally stepped out from inside, appraising their own clothes, finding them just amazing and highly interesting.

    "Eh? Then does that mean we won't be able to use the magical artifacts anymore?" Qiao Chu was staring at his wrists, and he no longer saw the pair of bracelets that were his Flame Dragon Gauntlets.

    "Magical artifacts cannot be brought into the Spirit World, unless they are magical artifacts from the Spirit World." Ye Jie said unblinkingly from the side.
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