Chapter 1959: “Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (5)”

    Chapter 1959: "Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (5)"

    Fei Yan walked over to Rong Ruo's side, and looking at Rong Ruo who was the same height as him felt a little strange.

    "Little Ruo, your soul and your flesh body seems to be slightly different....." Fei Yan looked at that face he was so familiar with. He had clearly seen that face from a very young age till now but though he felt it to be familiar, he also thought it to be a little strangely unfamiliar at the same time.

    Rong Ruo turned her eyes away slightly, like she hadn't noticed and said: "Is that so....."

    "Your height is taller as well." Fei Yan said as he compared their heights. He was originally about half a head taller than Rong Ruo but he found that they were now the same height.

    Rong Ruo did not say anything else but just looked to the side, seemingly deep in thought.

    "Is it my turn next?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked at Jun Wu Yao.

    Her soul was different from the others.

    Jun Wu Yao laughed, and then pulled Jun Wu Xie into an embrace, carrying her to walk into a room. "Ye Jie, prepare a set of clothes for Little Xie." Upon saying that, he walked inside and closed the door.

    "Yes, my Lord." Ye Jie acknowledged, and patted the Hell's Rodent on its belly. The Hell's Belly gurgled and then spat out a pile of little boxes of ink.

    "What is this?" Qiao Chu squatted on one side and stared at the things curiously. This was the first time that he knew that things used by spirit souls can really be burnt to give it to them.

    Ye Jie ignored him and just focused on drawing the clothes. Compared to the clothes on Qiao Chu and the others, Ye Jie was extra meticulous this time with her drawing, not sparing any effort even on the veins of intricate design and detailed embroidery. After sketching out the cutting of the clothes, Ye Jie then reached her hand out to take the little ink boxes. In those boxes of ink, there were pigment of a variety of colours, and Ye Jie then went on to carefully dip into the colours before adding them onto the paper.

    "This..... disparity in treatment is a little too different isn't it?" Qiao Chu could not help but gawk as he stared at Ye Jie carefully and meticulously drawing in the clothes. How could those pieces of art be called mere clothes? They were as detailed as embroidery itself!

    Staring at the magnificent and splendid pieces, their colours vibrant and beautiful examples of ladies wear, Qiao Chu then looked at the plain white simple clothes on himself, immediately feeling he wanted to cry.

    "Be contented that you even have clothes to wear." Fei Yan was not bothered by it at all. Ye Jie had drawn him a set of men's clothing and he was extremely satisfied with them.

    Qiao Chu immediately shut his mouth, realizing that it was only through the benefit of Jun Wu Xie that he even had clothes to wear, and was even given the opportunity to continue to cultivate.

    Inside the room, Jun Wu Xie stood before Jun Wu Yao, awaiting for Jun Wu Yao to make his move.

    Jun Wu Yao slowly stretched his hand out, and his warm hand gradually went close to Jun Wu Xie's chest.

    Jun Wu Xie waited calmly for the moment her soul would leave her body. In actual fact, she was not unfamiliar with this. Back in her past life when she had melded with the little black cat, she had already experienced it before, and knew what it felt like when one's soul was parted from his flesh body.

    Seeing Jun Wu Yao's palm less a foot away and closing in, the memory of the kind of discomfort in her head made her subconsciously close her eyes, as she waited for the moment when her soul left her body.


    The agony she had expected did not appear, and she did not feel the strange feeling of her soul leaving her body. The gradually rising warmth upon her chest caused Jun Wu Xie to open her eyes.

    A large hand was pressed against her slightly rising chest.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie stared speechlessly at that palm. The palm had no intentions of passing through her chest at all, but was just greedy for the touch upon the soft part on her. Jun Wu Xie raised her head and looked at Jun Wu Yao.

    The corners of Jun Wu Yao's lips had a wicked smile hanging and his body was leaning forward slightly, as he said through half narrowed eyes.

    "Little Xie has grown up."

    And just as Jun Wu Xie was considering whether to smack that unruly hand away.....
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