Chapter 1960: “Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (6)”

    Chapter 1960: "Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (6)"

    Jun Wu Yao's hand suddenly sank right inside Jun Wu Xie's chest, as if his entire palm had broken up Jun Wu Xie's chest to pass right into it, but there wasn't the slightest wound, and not a single trace of blood dripped out.

    The queer feeling of one's soul being touched caused Jun Wu Xie's body to shiver, like something formless within her was being caught in a grip, and slowly being pulled out from her body bit by bit. The feeling couldn't be considered to be agonizing, but it made one feel highly uncomfortable, and Jun Wu Yao had merely pulled Jun Wu Xie's soul out only a little bit.

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt the world spin around her, as a unsuppressable feeling of nausea surged within her. Her face immediately turned deathly pale, and her body started to retch uncontrollably.

    Jun Wu Yao immediately released Jun Wu Xie's soul right in that instant, quickly hugging Jun Wu Xie who was retching so badly her face turned green straight into his arms.

    The temperature had drained out from Jun Wu Xie's limbs and they felt as if they had been immersed in icy waters.

    "It's alright now..... It's alright now....." Jun Wu Yao held Jun Wu Xie tightly in his arms, his large warm palms clasped around her icy little hands, his brows furrowed up tightly as a glint of puzzlement flashed in his eyes.

    Such a situation had not occured with Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang.

    When Qiao Chu and the others had their souls pulled out, their consciousness had been muddled, and had not shown any signs of discomfort, but Jun Wu Xie was showing such an intense reaction!

    Jun Wu Yao's gaze could not help but fall onto Jun Wu Xie's pale white face. She was so nauseated she felt like vomiting, but nothing would come out, and her lips were turning purple from being so highly tensed up.

    It was after quite a long while before Jun Wu Xie's unsupressable nausea began to disappear. Her entire body was drained of all strength and she could do nothing but be held by Jun Wu Yao, not having the strength to even move a finger.

    "What happened?" Jun Wu Xie asked, clutching at her abdomen. The nauseating feeling was just indescribable. It was not pain, and not really nausea, but more like an uncontrollable discomfort, that made her unable to control her actions.

    "It's nothing." Jun Wu Yao hugged Jun Wu Xie tight, gently massaging her temples, his eyes filled with doting indulgence. But hidden under that doting indulgence, was a strange emotion.

    "Wait a while before we'll try it again." Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to say laboriously, but her eyes were highly determined.

    Jun Wu Yao rubbed her little head gently and said with a smile: "Yours is a dual soul constitution and it is not that easy to extract. Rest for a day first and we'll try it again tomorrow."

    Jun Wu Xie had wanted to say something more but thinking that she did not understand much about this, and since Jun Wu Yao had said that, she chose to believe him. She did not say anything more and just obediently nodded her head.

    That feeling was almost too agonizing to describe, and no matter how hard she tried to disregard it, it was carved right into her bones and inscribed into her heart. It might be because she was feeling a little tired, and Jun Wu Xie fell asleep in Jun Wu Yao's embrace.

    Waiting till Jun Wu Xie was sound asleep, Jun Wu Yao laid her upon the bed, and walked out from the room by himself, undispellable lines of worry creasing up his brows.

    "Lord Jue, I've finished drawing." Outside the door, Ye Jie was holding a stack of clothes she had drawn. She had drawn them very seriously and she had included everything that was needed from head to toe. Worried that Jun Wu Xie might not have enough to wear, she had even drawn up several sets.

    "Young Miss' birth details....."

    "Don't need it for now." Jun Wu Yao opened his mouth to say.

    Ye Jie did not probe but just nodded her head and kept the things away properly, thinking in her heart that she could draw some more since there was more time.

    "Huh? We're not going to burn them right away to give them to Little Xie?" Qiao Chu asked, not daring to turn his head to look inside the room, afraid that Jun Wu Yao would strangle him to death.
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