Chapter 1961: “Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (7)”

    Chapter 1961: "Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (7)"

    Jun Wu Yao said: "A little tired out today. Continue tomorrow."

    Qiao Chu and the others did not suspect anything and just lowered their heads to study their current situation.

    Jun Qing stood in the courtyard and said: "We'll be setting out for the Lower Realm today, regarding Wu Xie's flesh body....."

    "I will take care of that." Jun Wu Yao said.

    Jun Qing nodded. With the kind of powers Jun Wu Yao possessed, since he was saying that,  he was surely completely confident. Jun Qing did not ask anymore on that and just brought the flesh bodies of Qiao Chu and the rest of the companions to go make preparations for them.

    With their souls taken out from their flesh bodies, although there was no consciousness, all other bodily functions were not affected. They were to be fed liquid foods everyday and compared to the prior conditions Qiao Chu and the others were in before, it was easier to take care of them like this.

    Before the team going to the Lower Realm moved out, Jun Wu Xie woke up from her dreams. Accompanied by Jun Wu Yao, they walked to the outside of the city to watch the troops ready themselves.

    With this parting, it would be at least a year. Jun Wu Xie was feeling a little reluctant to part as she looked at Jun Qing. Her gaze then fell upon Yue Ye beside her and she an idea came into her head.

    "Uncle! Wait." Jun Wu Xie held Yue Ye's hand and came walking over to Jun Qing.

    Yue Ye hid nervously behind Jun Wu Xie and Jun Qing smiled gently as he looked at Yue Ye's bashful demeanor, thinking it rather amusing.

    "Uncle, can I trouble you to bring Little Ye back to the Lin Palace? Little Ye is my disciple and she is still very young, but possesses great gift in the field of healing. The Middle Realm is afterall still too unstable and she needs a stable environment for her to be able to learn more things. I've spoken to Mu Chen about this before and have him guide Little Ye along after you get back." Jun Wu Xie looked at the timid Yue Ye. Even though Yue Ye had never said anything about it, but Jun Wu Xie could still feel that life back in the Shadow Moon Palace had left a great impact on Yue Ye. Under such circumstances, remaining here might continue to become a form of harm towards Yue Ye so why not give her a complete change of environment to let her start afresh.

    In the Lower Realm, no one knows of her past, and she would no longer need to live in fear.

    "Alright." Jun Qing smile, and he bent his back down to look at Yue Ye hiding behind Jun Wu Xie.

    "Little Ye, you want to go home with Granduncle?" Saying that, he put his hand out before her.

    Yue Ye looked at Jun Qing rather nervously before raising her head to look at Jun Wu Xie. Seeing Jun Wu Xie nod her head, she then carefully stretched out her tiny hand, and placed it within Jun Qing large open palm.


    "What a good girl." Jun Qing said as he looked smilingly at the obedient Yue Ye. His very own little niece had grown up so fast and did not need him to worry or take care of her at all, never sticking around for long, which had filled Jun Qing with regret.

    "Big Brother, I'm leaving." Yue Ye said with her hand held in Jun Qing's, as she turned her head around to look at Yue Yi standing behind Jun Wu Xie. Yue Yi will be remaining behind in the Middle Realm, to follow Elder Ying back to the Zhan Family.

    Yue Yi nodded his head. Although he could not bear to part, he was still happy for Yue Ye. Having lived their lives with only each other to rely on for so many years, how could he not see the self abasement hidden deep in Yue Ye's heart?

    Yue Ye looked at Yue Yi one final time as she was led towards the horse carriages by Jun Qing.

    Standing beside Yue Yi, Elder Ying looked longingly at Yue Ye's departing back, wanting to say something several times before stopping himself.

    Seeing Yue Ye climb into the horse carriage and the door shut, Elder Ying's eyes filled up with disappointment.


    The voice rose suddenly, and Elder Ying raised his head up in surprise.

    Yue Ye poked his head out from the carriage's window, her face a little shy as she looked at Elder Ying to say timidly: "Grandfather, I'm leaving. Goodbye." Upon saying that, she did not wait for Elder Ying to react as she hid back inside the horse carriage.

    Just that one call of "Grandfather", had already moved Elder Ying to have tears flowing down his face.
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