Chapter 1962: “Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (8)”

    Chapter 1962: "Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (8)"

    Just as Qu Ling Yue was stepping onto the horse carriage, her gaze fell onto the figure of Jun Wu Xie at the very last second, to bid her a silent farewell.

    At that same moment, Bai Yun Xian was seated in a carriage, to look at Mo Qian Yuan who was seated by the window. Her gaze hovered upon him, hiding feeling that no one knew about. But those feelings were tinged with a sliver of helplessness, similar to what he was feeling through the window, as he looked upon Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie stood shoulder to shoulder beside Jun Wu Yao outside the city, to see off the Lower Realm's army of fifty thousand, family and companions as they departed.

    It was a grand contingent, as they marched into the horizon under the setting sun, to gradually disappear from Jun Wu Xie's sight.

    That night, Jun Wu Xie slept deeply. In her dreams, she seemed to have returned to the Lower Realm, back to the Lin Palace. She thought she might have seen Jun Xian seated within the main hall, his face filled with a harmonious smile and felt as if had seen another soul behind her that was named as "Father".

    It was the same night that Jun Wu Yao could not find peaceful sleep. He sat under the moonlight in the courtyard, his brows tightly locked together.

    "Lord Jue, could Young Miss' soul be....." Ye Mei asked as he looked at the expression on Jun Wu Yao's face, feeling a little worried.

    With Jun Wu Yao's powers, how could he possibly become tired just from dragging out a few souls from the companions?

    There must be some issue concerning the Young Miss' soul.

    "Little Xie is the same as me." Jun Wu Yao suddenly raised his head up to say as he looked up at the bright moon hanging high above in the sky, a sliver of delight rising up among the frustration in his eyes.

    He finally understood why their short period of interaction had caused him to not want to leave her anymore.

    It seems right from the start, they were the same.

    "What?" Ye Mei was slightly taken aback.

    "This must not be spread, and it must not be mentioned to her." Jun Wu Yao's eyes glinted sharply as he ordered.

    Ye Mei immediately fell to one knee and said: "It will be as my Lord has ordered."

    Early the next day, Jun Wu Yao came into Jun Wu Xie room. Jun Wu Xie was already all prepared as she looked at Jun Wu Yao coming in, feeling rather excited.

    "Can it be done today?" Jun Wu Xie was rather disappointed that the soul extraction had failed yesterday.

    Jun Wu Yao nodded.

    "Give me your hand." Jun Wu Yao said suddenly.

    Jun Wu Xie did not understand but did as she was told, placing her small and fair hand upon Jun Wu Yao's palm.

    It was not known from when Jun Wu Yao had a sharp dagger in his hand. He pressed its edge against Jun Wu Xie's arm and drew a shallow vertical line of blood. A slight trace of blood spewed out of the very shallow wound, but Jun Wu Xie did not feel any pain.

    Jun Wu Yao then dabbed his fingertip into Jun Wu Xie's blood, and drew a talisman seal mark between her brows.

    "Is this all....." Jun Wu Xie was going to ask something more but in that instant, a dizzy spell hit her, and she immediately lost consciousness to fall into Jun Wu Yao's arms.

    Jun Wu Yao narrowed his eyes as he looked at the unconscious Jun Wu Xie. Right before his eyes, Jun Wu Xie's body was becoming translucent bit by bit, and the clothes upon her body then passed through her body to fall to the ground.

    "Ye Jie." Jun Wu Yao called out coldly.

    Standing in wait outside, Ye Jie immediately burnt up the paper clothes with Jun Wu Xie's birth details written on it within a bronze basin after hearing Jun Wu Yao's voice. The moment they were all burnt up, the clothes drawn by Ye Jie appeared on Jun Wu Xie's spectral figure.

    When Jun Wu Xie woke up still feeling rather groggy, she found that her soul had already been taken out from her flesh body and the little black cat was plopped down beside her asleep, while Jun Wu Yao sat at the side to look at her, seemingly thinking about something.
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