Chapter 1963: “Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (9)”

    Chapter 1963: "Making Their Way Towards the Spirits (9)"

    Jun Wu Xie tugged at the collar of her clothes. The feel of the clothes was rather strange. She could clearly feel them but there didn't seem to be anything under her hand. Though the clothes were translucent they didn't expose one's body. She pulled her clothes and peered inside at her chest. Two flowers sat there quietly in bloom, and under the flowers was a black coiled dragon slowly fading.

    It's the Soaring Serpent!

    The Soaring Serpent had been rather quiet over the recent period and had not come out to stir any trouble. Compared to Little Lotus and Poppy, signs of the coiled dragon was very faint. A golden cloud swirled within her chest, seemingly supporting the faintly showing flowers.

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly remembered the golden seed Jun Wu Yao had implanted into her body, thinking the golden cloud should be from that golden seed.

    "Is there anything wrong? Let me take a look." Jun Wu Yao suddenly came beside Jun Wu Xie, trying to look down the collar Jun Wu Xie had pulled open slightly.

    Jun Wu Xie immediately covered herself up properly.

    Jun Wu Yao feigned innocence as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. "I merely want to see if you're feeling unwell anywhere."

    "No. Everything's good." Jun Wu Xie already had Jun Wu Yao's character all figured out and she was naturally not going to believe a single bit of what Jun Wu Yao just said.

    Jun Wu Yao laughed out lightly though his heart was tinged with regret.

    Just a bit more and he would have seen it.

    "Where's my flesh body?" Jun Wu Xie's gaze swept one round throughout the room, but did not see any sign of her flesh body, but just a set of clothes that she had worn before wearing tossed aside on the floor.

    "I got Ye Jie to help you keep it away. The Hell Rodent cannot swallow anything that is alive and hence we needed to change your flesh body into a special suit of clothes before it could be done." Jun Wu Yao said with a smile.

    [Does that mean her flesh body is not in the Hell Rodent's stomach?] Jun Wu Xie was a little surprised by that.

    But staying at Jun Wu Yao's side, outrageous things such as this had happened before and over time, Jun Wu Xie did not think there was anything amiss.

    With Jun Wu Xie's soul extraction successful, Qiao Chu and the other companions looked at each other in the courtyard, still rather curious about being in a spirit state like this. Ye Jie had drawn up more then ten sets of clothes for Jun Wu Xie throughout the night and she had even included a Cosmos Sack among her drawings, in order to make it more convenient for Jun Wu Xie to store her things.

    Qiao Chu was filled with envy seeing that and he wanted to beg Ye Jie to draw up a few more sets of clothes for him as well but had been rejected by Ye Jie saying she needed "grasp the every moment she had to draw the Young Miss' clothes" as a reason, so Qiao Chu had been left with no choice but to go bug Ye Sha and Ye Mei.

    In the end, Ye Sha and Ye Mei instead revealed a cruel truth to him.

    Only Ye Jie had the power to merely draw upon plain parchment like that and give it to them by burning. If anyone else wanted to do that, they would have to burn the things before the intended recipient's "corpse".

    The flesh bodies of Qiao Chu and the others had already been taken away and naturally there was no chance for them to do that.

    Ye Jie was fully focused on drawing out all kinds of strange and queer things, and the rotund Hell Rodent just plopped there beside Ye Jie, hugging a chestnut as it nibbled on it vigorously.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze could not help but fall onto the rounded little belly of the Hell Rodent. The Hell Rodent was not used to being stared at and it hugged its chestnut tightly in its arms to turn itself around to let his furry little behind face Jun Wu Xie instead.

    Jun Wu Xie's heart almost melted as she saw that.

    With everything all prepared, Jun Wu Yao informed everyone that they will be setting off towards the Spirit World the next day. That night, the excited youths just could not sleep, and after be turned into spirit forms, they suddenly discovered that they did not feel the least bit sleepy. Like the night before for example, the few of them had their eyes wide open till daybreak.

    There were great differences between being a spirit body and a normal human, and before they reached the Spirit World, they would all have to get used to all of that.
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