Chapter 1964: “Spirit World (1)”

    Chapter 1964: "Spirit World (1)"

    Spirit World.

    As the name suggests, only spirits of the netherworld were able to set foot in there.

    Of the Four Sides, only the Spirit World was difficult to go into.

    When the Middle Realm fell into chaos, only this place remained peaceful, cut off from the rest of the realm in solidarity. Only the Dark Emperor had set foot inside the Spirit World and besides that, no other person alive had ever taken a single step within.

    The Four Sides had never came out easily. Even the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces knew very little if anything of the Four Sides. In the Middle Realm, instead of saying that the Four Sides were four sets of powers they might very well be known as four legends. Few knew anything about them but lingered on in the minds of people, full of mystery and miraculous.

    Everyone only knew that the Spirit World was one among the Four Sides but no one knew where the road leading to it was.

    In the dim Spirit World, one did not see daylight, the brilliant did not shine, nor were there white fluffy clouds, and there was certainly no clear blue sky. The place was like a world in perpetual night, the sky dark but no stars could be seen.

    There were strange houses, and the material they were built with could not be identified, which looked like crystal clear coloured glass that could however still block out one's sight. Green and orange lights littered the streets and at one glance, the place looked highly mystifying.

    It was beautiful and dazzling to see.

    The black skeleton steeds came treading upon deep red flames as they stirred up still dust, indiscernible dark strips of either flesh or leather hanging from every single one of the black bones on their ribcages. Blood red eyes filled with an untamable wildness numbering four in total, with two in front and two behind as they pulled the black horse carriage to weave through the wide street.

    The carriage wheels trundled and turned, the bronze bells hanging from the roof of the carriage tinkling clearly.

    Upon the street, if one looked carefully, one would be shocked beyond words.

    Who would have ever seen a resplendent looking halberd twisting itself up as it hopped and jumped to go into a little shop with a sign that read "Wine"? Or would have ever seen a long steel studded mace wearing a waiter's apron carrying a wine flask made of gold diligently weaving his way around inside the wine house.

    A mountain axe was seated at a table and conversing with a heavy mountain shield with a strange voice as a flying claw at the same table clawed a wine cup, to pour it upon its body.....

    "Heavens be damned! I've really broadened my horizons today! !" Inside the fiery skeleton horse carriage, Qiao Chu's eyes flared wide as he stared at the scene within the Spirit World.

    Weapons that could move and talk, and they possessed their own consciousness.

    Animals that spoke human, and that graceful willow tree with its flowery vines crossing the street alluringly.....

    It was till this age that Qiao Chu realized that there was such a amazing and mystifying place under the Heavens.

    Weapon Spirits, Beast Spirits, and Plant Spirits. Ring Spirits that people had once possessed, freed from the restraint of humans, living their own lives here, in a world that belonged to them, with absolute freedom and in such a marvelous manner.

    "It's really just too amazing." Rong Ruo stared at everything outside in shock. They came here in a carriage drawn by skeleton steeds, and throughout the entire journey, Jun Wu Yao had not allowed them to look outside. It was only after a rather long time before Jun Wu Yao permitted them to look out and with that one look, they were stunned by what they saw.

    They had felt that they had only left the Twelve Palaces' Summit venue barely half a day, how did they come to reach the Spirit World so fast?

    Seeing those strange living beings that could not possibly appear in normal life, the entire bunch of youths had absolutely no doubt about where they had come to.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the mysterious Spirit World that was filled with the unknown. As calm and composed as she usually was, even she could not help but widen her eyes, as she gazed at this mystifying realm that no outsider had stepped into before.
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