Chapter 1965: “Spirit World (2)”

    Chapter 1965: "Spirit World (2)"

    "Big Brother Wu Yao, when people die, all their souls will come to the Spirit World?" Fan Zhuo turned his head to ask Jun Wu Yao, his heart tinged with anticipation.

    Jun Wu Yao shook his head and said: "When normal people die, they just die off and their souls would enter the cycle of reincarnation. Only those with extremely strong power of the soul are able to enter the Spirit World."

    After a person dies, the soul would then dissipate from his body. They might still be able to retain some of their consciousness initially but for those whose power of the soul are too weak would not be able to take on a form, unable to retain their memories from when they were alive and their consciousness would start to disappear, to then step into the cycle of reincarnation in a muddle.

    Only those who power of the soul was steady and strong whose consciousness did not get eroded by death would be able to set foot into the Spirit World, to become one of their members.

    The Ring Spirits that people possessed, all came from the Spirit World. Instead of saying that Ring Spirits were a unique life form, they were more like souls with strong spirit who did not wish to perish and could not bear to leave, not wanting to be forgotten and choosing to remain behind, to become Ring Spirits, as companions to people.

    And among the many numerous Ring Spirits, only the human spirits were exempted from becoming one.

    It was because humans were the most complicated beings under the Heavens and even after they've died, feelings of joy, anger, grief, and happiness, causing emotional upheaval were not what other spirit souls could compare with. Their complexity made them unable to accept the kind of unwavering loyalty required of Ring Spirits and because of their prior links to the world, returning back to the mortal realm would only cause them to develop even more complicated feelings. Hence, the Spirit Lord of the Spirit World had denied the suggestion that human souls could become Ring Spirits.

    "So that's how things are." Fan Zhuo was slightly disappointed.

    "In the Spirit World, if one's power of the spirit is not steady enough, even if they came here, they would still gradually disappear as their strength weakens. To want to continue to live here, one must constantly temper and refine one's spirit." As Jun Wu Yao spoke, he raised a finger and pointed at a corner of the street, where there was a fuzzy and faded spirit soul, looking almost completely transparent.

    The spirit soul looked extremely faint and thin, like it was almost going to disappear, and through its body, they could clearly see other spirit bodies coming and going behind it.

    "That is a new spirit soul. He might have been highly powerful when he was alive and possessed a strong and resolute will. But in the initial stages of being a new spirit soul, if one's heart wavered, it would disappear from this place very soon." Jun Wu Yao's voice was flat and expressionless.

    The Spirit World was paradise for spirit bodies but they had their own rules.

    In here, the number of souls disappearing everyday were countless and only those spirit souls who were really strong would be able to cultivate themselves into gaining a solid form, and only those who achieved a solid form could qualify to become a Ring Spirit, and return to the mortal realm.

    To be able to become a Ring Spirit and return back to the mortal realm, posed to be highly alluring regardless whether it was a weapons spirit or beast spirit.

    The fiery skeleton carriage travelled to the end of the street become it came to a stop. Looking at the Spirit World from here, the place was dim as far as the eyes could see, stretching far beyond one's sight.

    The end of the street joined up to a thick forest and within the dense trees, treehouses big and small filled the place. The trees in the Spirit World were not green but was of a dull black, and there was a faint glow among its trunk, branches and roots.

    All kinds of amazing spirit bodies moved about within the houses in the trees, and some of them could even float in midair, to fly into the little houses high up in the trees.

    At the entrance into the forest, outside a simple and plain little wooden house, an enormous beast with sharp fangs sticking out of its mouth was seated upon a little chair, its thick and fat palm holding a stack of tree leaves that were so dry they had turned grey, its pair of beastial eyes were narrowed up in frustration. There was a wooden table placed before it and right across the table, an enchanting man who had vines filled with purple flowers all over his body was also holding a stack of tree leaves, his leg propped up nonchalantly on his knee as he looked at the dazed enormous beast.
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