Chapter 1966: “Spirit World (3)”

    Chapter 1966: "Spirit World (3)"

    "What? You're still going to struggle further?" The enchanting man looked at the enormous beast with a raised eyebrow. Before the enormous beast, his bodily strength did not look to be comparable to that of a single finger of the enormous beast but the man continued to challenge and provoke the enormous beast's bottomline without a care.

    "Quiet. I'm thinking!" The enormous beast's voice was robust and powerful, and when it spoke, the table before it quivered.

    The enchanting man laughed scoffingly and raised up a hand lazily. The thin vines adorned with little purple flowers that twirled around his arm spilled a scattering of flower petals onto the ground as he waved his arm.

    "Even if I give you another day, with that dumb brain of yours, you will not be able to come up with a way to unravel it. Why do you choose to struggle so bitterly? Why not just just come out and admit defeat and hand over the Spirit Stone." The enchanting man's tongue was so venomous it made people turn fume hearing him.

    "Roar! ! !" The man's words threw the enormous beast into a rage. It smashed its huge paw down on the wooden table, its massive frame towering like a mountain.

    The corners of the enchanting man's mouth curled up with a taunting smile and the vines upon his body suddenly swirled, and before the enormous beast's paw could fall, countless vines had already caught the enormous beast's arm in a tight hold, not allowing it to move it a single inch downwards.

    "When you lose, you must not be such a sore loser. I've always said I do not like to play cards with simple minded fools without even half a brain like you. Always flying into rage at the slightest provocation. How can we even continue to play?" The enchanting man said in a lazy tone, his words sounding like his mouth was filled with venom.

    The enormous beast's eyes glared widely at the enchanting man with his provoking words. It gritted its teeth and its nostrils flared. It continued to exert all his strength but it was not able to free its arm from the restraint of the vines.

    "You want to play rough? Shouldn't you see how much weight you carry in the first place? I advise that you had better admit defeat obediently or I cannot guarantee that the poison will not bring you any discomfort. Although the poison is unable to harm a spirit body, but it can still make you suffer for a period." The enchanting man continued to sit back relaxed in his chair, his mouth curled up in displeasure.

    "Oh my, is this a quarrel between between spirits? That massive beast does not look like someone to be trifled with. Little Xie, do you think that man is also a plant type Ring Spirit?" Qiao Chu was watching intently from inside the carriage, and when he saw the vines, he was suddenly reminded of Jun Wu Xie's Little Lotus and Poppy, and he could not help but ask.

    Jun Wu Xie was just about to open her mouth to reply when she suddenly felt a surge of heat within her chest and a beam of white light shot out, through the carriage window, flying straight towards the enchanting man with the venomous tongue.

    "Big Brother Poison Ivy! !" An adorable sounding voice suddenly rang out over the almost smoking battlezone.

    The enchanting man who had a cold smile on his face suddenly saw the shadow of a fair and tender ball flying straight at him and he raised up his hand by reflex, where the vines around his arm shot out to firmly catch that lump of "unidentified flying object."

    "Big Brother Poison Ivy! ! It's me!" Little Lotus who was trapped within the vines in mid air waved all four of his short pudgy limbs as he wailed.

    In the instant that the enchanting man saw Little Lotus, he was startled for a moment before he wiggled his fingertips to make the vines release Little Lotus to the ground.

    "Why have you come here? Have you gotten your Master killed again? I've told you before, with your unstable personality, you are not suited to take up the task of being a Ring Spirit. The kid Drunk Lotus is another unpredictable one. He only knows to play with fire when he goes out there." The enchanting man looked at Little Lotus with his brows creased, and the moment he opened his mouth, his words were just too blood vomiting inducing.
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