Chapter 1967: “New Soul (1)”

    Chapter 1967: "New Soul (1)"

    Inside the carriage, Qiao Chu turned his head to look at Jun Wu Xie and pointed at Little Lotus who had pounced straight towards the enchanting man without any sense of shame as he said: "That fella's mouth is really venomous."

    Little Lotus' Mistress is Jun Wu Xie you know! ?

    "It's nothing." Jun Wu Xie thought nothing of it but just that Little Lotus knows that person and from the look of things, they seem to be on rather good terms.

    "I did not! My Mistress is still well and alive and you're not allowed to curse her!" Little Lotus snorted defensively with his nose creased up.

    The enchanting man then rolled his eyes and his gaze then swung over to the carriage behind Little Lotus, his eyes narrowing slightly.

    "It seems we've been discovered." Qiao Chu said as he scratched his head.

    Jun Wu Xie had already stood up and she climbed out of the carriage. As she stepped out, her gaze turned to look at Jun Wu Yao. Jun Wu Yao did not extract his soul out from his body and had come to the Spirit World in his complete form.

    Jun Wu Yao nodded his head slightly at her, not intending to go out from the carriage.

    Jun Wu Xie and the other companions climbed out of the carriage, their translucent spirits immediately drawing the attention of the enchanting man.

    "Newcomers?" The enchanting man raised up an eyebrow slightly as he looked at the rather brightly dressed, but slightly weak spirits.

    Little Lotus was just about to open his mouth when he saw Jun Wu Xie but was stopped by a glance from her. He could only clasp his hands over his mouth as he looked at his Mistress with unblinking eyes.

    "That's right. Haha..... We are all newcomers here." Qiao Chu said with a sheepish laugh as he looked at the spirit.

    The enchanting man looked at Jun Wu Xie and the gang with a measuring gaze before he asked nonchalantly: "Human?"

    "....." Qiao Chu was filled with indignance from the look the spirit gave them. [The look in this kid's eyes looked just too disdainful you know! ? Filled with nothing but contempt!]

    [What's wrong with human? Human spirits are offensive to you! ? Aren't human spirits spirits as well? What you're doing is plain discrimination! Do you know that! ?]

    The enchanting man did not seem to have any intentions of speaking to them anymore as he then lifted his head to look at the enormous beast that had been caught in his restrains before he stood up to say: "I'll allow you to drag it for today. Go carry on with your tasks first." Upon saying that, the enchanting man immediately retracted his vines.

    Suddenly freed from restrain, the enormous beast that had been resisting with all his might immediately fell towards to wooden table before him.

    The tiny wooden table was crushed into splinters.

    "Poison Ivy, you scoundrel! !" The enormous beast had fallen on his face, and he was waving his fist angrily at Poison Ivy with a fierce glare.

    Poison Ivy raised an eyebrow slightly an the vines on his body started to move in a wave.

    "Say that again if you dare, and I'll pull out your pair of fangs to use them as chopsticks."

    "....." The enormous beast immediately fell silent.

    Nobody would have thought that the enormous beast that was as massive as a small mountain would be cowered into silence by such a thin and small sized figure like Poison Ivy.

    Poison Ivy shot the enormous beast a glance, and then nonchalantly turned to look at Little Lotus at the side.

    "You are acquainted with them?"

    Little Lotus nodded his head.

    "Then I'll leave them to you to lead the way. It's been some time since you left. The Spirit World has not been too peaceful of late, so watch yourself and don't wander around outside." Poison Ivy left his orders, and immediately went walking away.

    Seeing that Poison Ivy had left, the enormous beast then sat up, the fear it had towards Poison Ivy disappeared without a trace. It sat upon the broken splinters of the wooden table, to look at Jun Wu Xie and the gang through narrowed eyes.

    "Newcomers, I am the spirit in charge of this area. Follow me. I'll arrange a place for all of you to live in." Without asking any questions, the enormous beast just led them into the forest easily, and allocated rooms for them.

    The Spirit World was highly accommodating to members who were able to come here as whether spirits were able to come here into the Spirit World itself was already a test to the spirits.
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