Chapter 1968: “New Soul (2)”

    Chapter 1968: "New Soul (2)"

    The enormous beast's steps were slow as it led Jun Wu Xie and the others to walk into the forest. Inside the thick and dense forest, little treehouses of various sizes could be seen. The shapes of those houses were all varied and different, some with orange lamps lit up on top. But instead of saying they were lamps, they were more like a ball of spirit fire.

    "The few of you can just stay in these units here. Remember to turn on the spirit fire boxes after you go into the rooms." The enormous beast muttered, its movements sluggish and tone of voice lazy and he did not have any other instructions for them.

    It was only at that moment that the few of time realized that the few units they were allocated to did not have any orange firelight lit, thinking that that must be how they differentiated whether the rooms were occupied by a spirit, through these spirit fires.

    Looking at the extremely small rooms, Jun Wu Xie selected one of the small little houses and she then walked inside. The moment she opened the door, Jun Wu Xie froze.

    From outside, the little houses that seemed to be only about twenty square meters at most held a completely different kind of space upon opening the door. The expansive room was exceptionally spacious and at first glance of the interior, there was at least an area of a hundred square meters. Jun Wu Xie blinked her eyes and took a step back to look at the outside of the little treehouse again.

    It was just a small little place.....

    Jun Wu Xie just did not understand how a little house that took up so little space outside could turn into such a vast wilderness upon walking inside.....

    "Space within the Spirit World can be stretched out." A familiar voice sounded behind Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her head around to look at Jun Wu Yao whom she did not know from when he had come to stand beside her, her face curious.

    A faint smile hung from the corners of Jun Wu Yao's mouth and putting his arm around Jun Wu Xie's shoulders, they walked towards the bedrooms. There were three rooms in the little treehouse. A living room, a bedroom, and a space that resembled something like a study, but the interior of the space was very sparsely fitted, containing only the most basic table and chairs, a bench and a large bed.

    Jun Wu Yao closed the door and then said with a smile: "Watch closely now, Little Xie."

    Watch what? Before Jun Wu Xie could understand what Jun Wu Yao meant, Jun Wu Yao had already raised his hand and the rudimentary table in the living room was suddenly giving out a faint glow from a light touch of his finger. The mottled wooden table slowly transformed little by little under the glow, to turn into a grand and majestic marble stone table.

    Jun Wu Yao's hand raised up slightly and he brushed his hand lightly over the table's surface. A resplendent tablecloth with splendid embroidered patterns was then laid neatly over the table, while a set of pure white cups and flask set inlaid with gold appeared right in the middle of the magnificent looking table.

    Jun Wu Xie were wide as she stared, and if she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would not have believed that Jun Wu Yao actually possessed the ability to make things magically appear out of thin air.

    "You can do magic?" Jun Wu Xie's gaze that she was staring at Jun Wu Yao with no longer merely showed just pure and simple shock.

    Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie who was showing such a rare moment of ignorance and he could not help but laugh out loud, unable to resist the urge to pinch her fair cheeks as he said: "Although I am very tempted to say yes I can, I have to say this is not an ability I possess, but one of the rules of the Spirit World itself."

    "What do you mean?" Jun Wu Xie was a little confused, as towards everything here in the Spirit World, she still did not understand a single thing.

    Jun Wu Yao then went on to explain: "Everything here in the Spirit World, are spirit bodies. Spirit bodies by itself actually exist out of nothing. And the Spirit World they live in is created out of a vacuum through the power of the spirit. It can be said that the very existence of the entire Spirit World is a conceived from a single thought. Hence, in the Spirit World, as long as you possessed sufficient power of the spirit, you can then create anything you imagine. In here, everything is based on the power of the spirit, like for example....." As he spoke, Jun Wu Yao held Jun Wu Xie's little hand and he brushed his hand over Jun Wu Xie's arm. A bunch of pretty flowers suddenly blossomed upon Jun Wu Xie arm.
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