Chapter 1969: “New Soul (3)”

    Chapter 1969: "New Soul (3)"

    "You like it?" Jun Wu Yao asked with a smile.

    Jun Wu Xie wanted to use her finger to stoke the little flower but her fingertip passed right through it.

    "How do I cultivate?" Struck once again by how useless she was being in a spirit state, Jun Wu Xie lifted her head up to ask.

    Jun Wu Yao then said: "Follow me."

    Jun Wu Xie followed. In a corner of the room, there was a small wooden box. Jun Wu Yao hooked up a finger and the wooden box flew into his hand.

    "This is a Spirit Fire Box. Open it and it will indicate that this house has already been occupied, and the most initial form of cultivation for you will be to use the Spirit Fire here."

    Upon saying that, Jun Wu Yao then opened the Spirit Fire Box, and within the box, there was an orange flame burning slowing.

    Jun Wu Yao got Jun Wu Xie to sit down in a lotus position and he then picked out the Spirit Fire from inside the box and slowly placed it in Jun Wu Xie's arms.

    That flame hovered just above Jun Wu Xie's hands and she had only gotten slightly closer to it when Jun Wu Xie felt a strange warmth. It must be known that after turning into a spirit body, there was no need to mention about cold or hot at all as she was not able to feel any of that at all. But this ball of Spirit Fire had given her a kind of familiar feeling.

    Jun Wu Yao sat upon a chair at the side, a hand propped under his chin as he watched Jun Wu Xie seriously, instructing her on how to use that ball of Spirit Fire to gradually temper her own soul.

    Spirit Fire were unable to burn anything and it only had an effect on spirits.

    This was the first time that Jun Wu Xie encountered cultivation in such a manner. In essence, having come here to the Spirit World, she was in true meaning of the word, a "new soul", knowing nothing about anything in here. Fortunately, Jun Wu Yao had been guiding her all this time as she familiarize herself with everything here.

    Jun Wu Xie calmed her heart, and followed Jun Wu Yao's instructions as she began to use the Spirit Fire to temper her own soul.

    Watching Jun Wu Xie bathed under the glow of the Spirit Fire as she fell into a state of cultivation, the corners of Jun Wu Yao's mouth could not help but curl up with a smile.

    His gaze then slowly drifted outside the window, as his eyes flashed with an almost unnoticeable sneer.

    Within the Spirit World's Spirit Saint Hall, a human spirit dressed in grey robes stood before a floating crystal ball that was suspended in midair. He wore a black cloak and a large wide brimmed hat that hung low, concealing his face, where people were not able to see his countenance.

    Both his hands were circling the crystal ball on opposing sides when suddenly, a slight crack appeared on the crystal ball, the clear sound driving a shock to quake through the man's body!

    Before he could even inspect the peculiarity on the crystal ball, a loud bang sounded and the entire crystal ball exploded. The powerful blast immediately blasted the man back to fall onto the floor.

    "Spirit Master!" Several spirits who were standing guard at the side quickly rushed to the side of the man.

    Having fallen to the floor, the hat worn upon the man's head was also blown off, to reveal a highly wizened face. Upon that face at that moment, was written with nothing but shock. The crystal ball that had originally been whole had now shattered into countless tiny crystal fragments, scattered all around him.

    "That person must have come back..... That person must have come back....." He could not be bothered with the wretched state he was in at that moment. He struggled to stand up, brushing away the help from the other spirits.

    "Quickly go inform the Spirit Lord! I have urgent matters I need to report to him!" The man said as he clutched at his chest. Even though spirit bodies had no heartbeat, but the kind of fear that enveloped him in his chest was driving chills through him. Looking at the crystal fragments scattered across the floor, the man's eyes flashed with nervousness and shock.
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