Chapter 1970: “New Soul (4)”

    Chapter 1970: "New Soul (4)"

    With Jun Wu Yao's guidance, everything was smooth sailing for Jun Wu Xie. But for Qiao Chu and the others who had been forgotten by the great demon lord, they were in for quite a shock upon entering their little treehouses, and they all made a beeline straight towards Jun Wu Xie's treehouse.

    Jun Wu Yao looked at Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang standing in Jun Wu Xie's room, five youths all at the same time, without a single one missing.

    "Big Brother Wu Yao....." Qiao Chu's face was mournful. Having suddenly come to a world that was completely foreign to him, it was the first time that Qiao Chu felt that he was almost becoming a useless piece of trash. Everything except for the room doors and the Spirit Fire Box, he was not even able to touch, and the unexpected spacious space in the house made him see stars.

    Jun Wu Yao raised his hand up to rub the ends of his eyebrows as he patiently told Qiao Chu and the gang some of the Spirit World's rules.

    In the Spirit World, no currency existed and all forms of the exchange of goods were carried out based on one's power of the spirit. Powerful spirit bodies were able to use their own powers of the spirit to create things in solid form. Everything in the Spirit World could be created with one's power of the spirit, including food and wine.

    No matter what was created and made, it would drain out a certain amount of power of the spirit and in the Spirit World, there was a way where one could release soul power out of their bodies, gathering them into Spirit Fire the size of a bean. Those Spirit Fire could be used to exchange for things that others had created and the Spirit Fire given in exchange could be absorbed by one's spirit body. With all that said, the basis of exchange in the Spirit World had always been done through the powers of the spirit and people who were too lazy to create things or people who were not meticulous enough in their transmogrification, they could just gather Spirit Fire to go exchange it for things that they need.

    Afterall, not everyone would be able to perfectly create the things that they need.

    For spirit bodies who had never brewed fine wine before, even when they try to transmogrify wine based on their own imagination, the taste of it would be unpalatable. And spirit bodies who never knew how to cook up a meal would create food that taste similar to mud. Lavish and resplendent clothes would also require a certain level of skill before one was able to create it.

    Transmogrifying based only on one's imagination would never achieve a perfect product.

    In the Spirit World, what was most expensive would be food, even though when spirit bodies went without food and drink, it would not cause them any harm at all. They could go without sleep, without food, and they would not die, but the enjoyment of having delicious food in your mouth was something many spirit bodies craved.

    Qiao Chu and the gang followed Jun Wu Yao's instructions and attempted to gather a little bit of Spirit Fire. But with the power of the spirit they possessed at the current moment, after trying with all their might, the only Spirit Fire they managed to gather was not even the size of half a grain of rice, almost completely negligible.

    They then begged for instructions on the method to temper their souls before the group of youths went running back to their rooms like they had just gained some kind of treasure, rushing to start on their cultivation.

    Jun Wu Xie did not know how long she had been cultivating for. When she opened her eyes, she found Jun Wu Yao sitting on a chair and looking at her smilingly.

    There was no differentiation between day and night in the Spirit World. Time became something that was not worth anything in here. Spirit bodies only required enough power and they would then never disappear.

    "I want to go out and have a look around." Jun Wu Xie said as she stood up, to put the Spirit Fire back into the box. The little black cat was pacing around near her feet and it was not known from when Little Lotus and Poppy had popped out from her body, the two of them seated obediently at the side, not daring to make a single sound.

    "Let the two of them bring you." Jun Wu Yao said slowly.

    "You're not coming?" Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao in puzzlement. In fact, from the time that they had just come into the Spirit World, she had discovered that Jun Wu Yao did not seem to want to reveal himself here.
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