Chapter 1971: “Spirit World One Day Tour (1)”

    Chapter 1971: "Spirit World One Day Tour (1)"

    Jun Wu Yao got up and walked over to go before Jun Wu Xie and hooked a finger under her chin as the corners of his lips lifted slightly to say: "Is Little Xie inviting me to go?"

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao, at a loss for words. How did words that were meant to be serious and proper sound so suggestive when it came out from his mouth?

    Jun Wu Yao gave a light laugh and patted Jun Wu Xie on her little head as he said: "The last time I came here, I gave the spirit bodies in here quite a big scare. This time, since my purpose is to accompany you in tempering your soul, there is no need for me to go scare them."

    Jun Wu Yao had put it across casually, but Jun Wu Xie knew that the last time he just mentioned must be the time when he unified the Middle Realm.

    Realizing that it was not appropriate for Jun Wu Yao to show himself now, Jun Wu Xie did not persist, but just brought the little black cat and called Little Lotus and Poppy to come along before stepping out through the door. She had initially thought to call Qiao Chu and the others along, but she got to know through Jun Wu Yao that the few of them were just told of the method to cultivate their souls and they would all be holed up within their rooms to cultivate with a vengeance.

    Jun Wu Yao watched Jun Wu Xie's departing back as he held his chin in one hand looking rather thoughtful, with no one knowing what he was thinking about.

    From the forest, they walked towards the bustling market. If one disregarded all the different kinds of strange spirit body forms, the streets of the Spirit World was no all that different from any other place. Bars, restaurants, a dazzling array of shops and the calls of hawkers who lined the streets. Of course, if the street peddler carrying the bunch of candied hawthorn stick was not a massive sized bear, the scene before her eyes would look a whole lot more normal.

    "Growl..... Candied hawthorn..... Growl....." The large clumsy bear carried the bamboo rod well filled with sticks of candied hawthorn as he passed by along the street, occasionally stretching out a fat paw to pick off a stick of candied hawthorn to stuff into his mouth and chew vigorously. Jun Wu Xie deeply suspected that the reason it was carrying so many sticks of the candied hawthorn was not to sell them, but to satisfy his own greed.

    "Where does the Mistress want to go? What kind of things do you want to see?" Little Lotus was like a bird set free, his little body bouncing around Jun Wu Xie, his mouth prattling on non stop as he described everything about the Spirit World.

    Poppy followed behind them quietly, and the little black cat jumped up onto his shoulder to sit there, its tail swishing lazily.

    Jun Wu Xie was still a new soul, and in the Spirit World, she was considered very weak and frail. Poppy had not forgotten, just before they came out, the look that Jun Wu Yao had given him. If he was to let Jun Wu Xie be harmed in the slightest out here, Poppy could very well imagine the kind of fate that awaited him.

    When one's spirit was destroyed and his soul scattered.....

    "I don't know. I'll just have a look around I guess." Jun Wu Xie did not know what she wanted to see. Maybe she just wanted to understand a little more of this strange and mystical land of spirits.

    "Mistress, why not I bring you to the Spiritual Spirit Loft! The things they have there is really delicious!" Little Lotus was really excited about coming back to the Spirit World and he immediately pulled on Jun Wu Xie hand to go running forward.

    Although Jun Wu Xie was not able to touch anything, but there was not much of a problem if it was between two spirit bodies.

    "Spiritual Spirit Loft....." What kind of a queer name was that? Jun Wu Xie sighed inwardly to herself, but she did not want to dampen Little Lotus' excitement and just allowed herself to be pulled towards the place he was familiar with.

    Along the way, Jun Wu Xie saw many different kinds of spirits brushing past her. Beast Spirits that were more than ten feet tall, Weapons Spirits that made clanging noises as they walked, and Plant Spirits whose bodies that were filled all over with flowers. The most normal ones she saw, were probably the spirit souls of humans. In the Spirit World, there was quite a number of human spirits. Jun Wu Xie had followed behind Little Lotus a distance and she already saw many human spirits.
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