Chapter 1972: “Spirit World One Day Tour (2)”

    Chapter 1972: "Spirit World One Day Tour (2)"

    Little Lotus' destination was a seven storied loft, with a signboard hanging over its door that read "Spiritual Spirit Loft".

    From within the vast building, its doors showed that the place was as busy as a market. Spirits bodies came and went, an endless stream of patrons went in and out.

    A big eared rabbit wearing an apron bounced before the entrance to welcome its guests, and when it saw Jun Wu Xie's group approaching, it immediately bounded itself over as it raised up its large doleful eyes to look at them.

    "Will our esteemed guests please come in? What would you like to have? Puu." The big eared rabbit's cloved mouth opened, to say earnestly.

    Little Lotus was immediately excited, exclaiming that he was going to have a great feast. The big eared rabbit hopped on ahead, leading them up to the third storey, bouncing up and down the entire way looking highly adorable. Jun Wu Xie did not pay attention to anything else but only focused on the furry little tail bouncing behind the rabbit.

    Before Little Lotus could even get to the third storey and get his food, the sounds of a boisterous argument reached Jun Wu Xie's ears.

    "Nalan Yue, if you have nothing better to do, you can jolly well go back home and count beans to pass the time. Instead, you choose to come here to nag incessantly, are you thinking I should take your nagging with my rice?"

    The venomous retort reached Jun Wu Xie's words, and Jun Wu Xie actually found it rather familiar.

    When Little Lotus heard that voice, his eyes immediately widened and his steps unconsciously quickened as he scooted up to the third storey.

    Upon the third storey, quite a number of guests were seated, and the source of the argument currently had a bunch of spirit bodies crowded around them.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyebrow lifted slightly as she looked at the enchanting man seated in the middle of the gathered crowd of spirit bodies. Wasn't he that bewitching looking man they saw just outside the forest before?

    "Big Brother Poison Ivy?" Little Lotus blinked his eyes, his face a little surprised as he looked at Poison Ivy seated upon a chair, his face filled with an expression of impatience.

    The person who got into an argument with Poison Ivy, was a human spirit. That person's spirit was fully solidified and firm, and he was dressed in a light blue Chinese robe, of a highly simple design. The man's countenance was kindly and gentle, looking to be a highly mild tempered person. Faced with Poison Ivy's venomous tongue, the man still had a gentle smile on his face as he said in a mild manner: "Poison Ivy, I know that you find me very long winded. But somethings must be properly discussed upon. You are always avoiding me all the time, and now that I finally managed to see you, how can I just keep quiet?"

    Poison Ivy rolled his eyes at the man and with a flick of his hand, the vines coiled around his arm whipped out quick as lightning straight towards that man.

    The vicious whip from the vines frightened the spirits who had been gathered around to watch the show and the immediately scattered in all directions.

    The figure of the man that remained standing in his spot suddenly flashed. Poison Ivy's vines did not touch his body in the slightest. His movements were so quick that the others could not even see his actions clearly.

    Jun Wu Xie who had just been watching the show could not help but be startled when she saw the man's movements. She had just been turned into a spirit body and not only had she lost the support of her spirit powers, the kind of speed she had been capable of before had been severely restricted as well. In a spirit form, she was unable to summon up any spirit powers, and she was just like a regular person. Jun Wu Yao had once told her, that a spirit body was different from a real person. Spirit powers was power accumulated within a person's meridians and when a soul departs from his flesh body, he completely loses the use of his spirit powers as well. The only form of power a spirit body was able to use would be powers of the soul.

    And that man had used just his soul powers, to achieve such a high level of speed, which was almost comparable to a person at the Purple Spirit's third stage!

    That just made Jun Wu Xie strongly believe, that the effects the tempering of one soul brought, would definitely be astounding.

    Only by strengthening both the flesh body and the soul, would one be able to embark upon the path to the pinnacle of supremacy!
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