Chapter 1973: “Spirit World One Day Tour (3)”

    Chapter 1973: "Spirit World One Day Tour (3)"

    Poison Ivy and Nalan Shan faced off against each other, one severely belligerent, the other gentle and calm.

    Although the spirits all around were there to watch the action, they all subconsciously freed up some space around.

    "Hasn't Nalan Shan given up on seeking out Poison Ivy? I can see that Poison Ivy is almost about to fight him already." A nosy black panther muttered as it swished its tail.

    "What do you mean almost? He already did you know?" A straight backed steel sword snorted derisively.

    "Nalan Shan is afterall the Spirit Master's disciple, and Poison Ivy is considered one of the leading entities among the Plant Spirits. Is it appropriate for him to get into a conflict so openly with the Spirit Master's disciple like this?"

    "The Spirit Master has already gone into reclusion for so many years and moreover, don't you know the Spirit Master's personality well enough? Even if he comes to know that Nalan Shan and Poison Ivy have developed conflicts, he wouldn't do anything about it."

    "Though the Spirit Master has gone into reclusion, but have all of you forgotten that Nalan Shan still has a senior fellow disciple? That one's personality isn't all that great you know?"

    "You mean Wu Jiu? You're not wrong to say that they are fellow disciples, but..... I don't think they are on that good terms. I once saw....."

    The entire group of spirits gathered around eager to watch the action had their heads lowered and ear pricked eagerly. When the scene of a lion and a mountain axe stood huddled close together to whisper softly to each other appear before her eyes, Jun Wu Xie felt that she was becoming more and more used to the absurdity of this place.

    "Why is Big Brother Poison Ivy fighting with Uncle Nalan?" Little Lotus' face was perplexed, and it was clear that he did not just know Poison Ivy, but also knew Nalan Shan who had tangled with Poison Ivy.

    Poppy stood on the side with his arms crossed, all ready to watch the commotion comfortably, seemingly not intending to do anything about it.

    But Little Lotus was not able to hold himself back. He was biting his lip as he saw Poison Ivy's and Nalan Shan's fight becoming more and more intense and he immediately rushed right out.

    "Stop fighting! Will both of you stop fighting! ?"

    A rotund little fatty suddenly went running straight into the malicious battleground, which caused everyone who was watching to be stunned in surprise.

    When Poison Ivy who had been thinking how he was going to throw the persistent Nalan Shan out of the place saw the figure of Little Lotus running in, he immediately retracted his vicious and malevolent vines and Nalan Shan was similarly startled as he stepped himself back slightly, to look at the little meatball who was running straight towards him with a mournful face.

    "Little Lotus?" Nalan Shan scooped up the little meatball, as he stared in surprise at the tearful little face.

    "Uncle Nalan, don't fight with Big Brother Poison Ivy anymore." Little Lotus wailed sobbingly as he tugged at Nalan Shan's sleeve.

    Nalan Shan's face showed a tinge of awkwardness and Poison Ivy who had retrieved his vines stared at Little Lotus who was looking so useless there immediately felt a twitch tugging at the corner of his mouth.

    "We were not fighting...." Nalan Shan started to say, pacifying the kid good naturedly.

    Watching how the appearance of Little Lotus had abruptly stopped the battle, the little black cat who was seated on top of Poppy's shoulder licked its paws and averted its gaze, at a loss for words.

    "How did that dimbulb actually managed to survive till this day in the Spirit World?" The little black cat asked.

    Poppy shrugged his shoulders.

    "Poison Ivy and Nalan Shan, are the only two spirits who are so friendly to him throughout the entire Spirit World. In front of them, he had always been like that. Oh right..... before Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom left, he was another one as well."

    To Poppy, Little Lotus was the most suitable target to be bullied. Of course, if it was Drunk Lotus, he was also happy to tease as well.

    "....." The little black cat's whiskers quivered.

    The two spirits who were just battling intensively suddenly found themselves unable to continue the fight just because of the bumbling Little Lotus who came rushing out in the middle of it all. Caught under Little Lotus' tear brimmed gaze, Poison Ivy had had no choice but to retract his vines, his face sulky.
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