Chapter 1974: “Spirit World One Day Tour (4)”

    Chapter 1974: "Spirit World One Day Tour (4)"

    "I'll be leaving now." Poison Ivy's face was dark as he stood up.

    Little Lotus looked at him with tear filled eyes and he turned his head away, refusing to even see Little Lotus' dumb look.

    Nalan Shan was feeling a little lost for words but Poison Ivy went on to say: "Plant Spirits are used to being detached from worldly affairs and not matter what happens, it has nothing to do with us. If you still continue to refuse to let up, even with the little moron shielding you, I am not going to be courteous with you."

    Upon saying that, Poison Ivy jumped straight out from the building.

    Nalan Shan's face was looking highly helpless as he gave a light sigh.

    "Argh!" Suddenly a shout sounded from among the crowd of spirits and everyone's gazes immediately turned towards the source of the sound.

    The big eared rabbit standing next to Jun Wu Xie had its cloved mouth wide open, its pair of ears pricked straight up.

    "He has not paid the bill yet! ! !" The big eared rabbit had its front paws held upon its face, like the world had fallen apart.

    All the spirits standing around were at a loss for words.

    Nalan Shan clasped his hand over his forehead and walked over to go beside the big eared rabbit as he stretched his hand out to drop a few balls of Spirit Fire into the pocket of the big eared rabbit's apron.

    "Will that be enough?"

    "It's enough, it's enough!" The big eared rabbit's ears immediately drooped back down, bouncing up and down as it clasped its paws over the little apron.

    Nalan Shan could not help but smile and shake his head, and it was at that moment that he noticed there was a young lady with a weak soul standing beside the big eared rabbit. But the young lady's countenance was astounding to say the least, and even the calm and composed Nalan Shan could not help but be stunned when he saw Jun Wu Xie's countenance.

    The mystical translucence of being in a spirit state, seemed to make Jun Wu Xie's beauty become surreal.

    "You are..... new here?" Nalan Shan asked as he stared slightly surprised at Jun Wu Xie. With such a weak soul and that half translucent spirit body, she should be a new spirit soul.

    Jun Wu Xie did not say anything but it was Little Lotus behind Nalan Shan who replied eagerly instead, saying: "That's right, that's right! Mistress is new here."

    "Mistress?" Nalan Shan was slightly taken aback.

    Jun Wu Xie's heart quaked silently inside. Little Lotus was just being guileless but he had actually addressed her as Mistress right in front of everyone.

    However, without waiting for Jun Wu Xie who was prepared to round off the entire situation soundly, Nalan Shan went on to say with a laugh. "Back when you left before, all of them had been saying that you will be back in no time at all. It seems like it's true afterall, but your Mistress seems to be a rather good one this time. After she fell, her soul actually made it here to the Spirit World, and she doesn't look to be all that old is she?"

    Nalan Shan did not think too much into it and it wasn't that he was easily fooled, but it's just that non spirit bodies could not possibly come into the Spirit World. Hence, he had immediately assumed that Little Lotus' "Mistress" had been killed once again but it had been fortunate that his Mistress was capable enough to gain entry into the Spirit World.

    Little Lotus seemed to want to say something more but was stopped by a glance from Jun Wu Xie.

    The little fella's mouth exercises no restraint and he might just spill the beans.

    "Since you're Little Lotus' Mistress, then why don't we sit down together and have a chat?" Nalan Shan said in invitation.

    Jun Wu Xie considered it a moment and accepted, but.....

    "I am not able to hold anything at all." Jun Wu Xie indicated that she was currently still unable to "sit down".

    She was able to touch the floor, but for tables, chairs, and others..... it would pose some difficulty for her.

    Nalan Shan then said with a laugh: "It's no problem. Since you've come to the Spirit World, you will have to get used to everything here sooner or later. As long as you concentrate on cultivation, it will not be long before you will be just like any other spirit here. Although I am not all that capable, but since you and I are both human spirits, then in the aspect of cultivation, I might be able to help a little."
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