Chapter 1975: “Spirit World One Day Tour (5)”

    Chapter 1975: "Spirit World One Day Tour (5)"

    Hearing that, Jun Wu Xie was then willing to sit down for a chat. She did not care for anything else. What she cared for most now was how to cultivate and make herself become stronger. Although Jun Wu Yao knew a bit about the ways to cultivate, but he had never turned into a spirit body to cultivate before and what he knew would not be as thorough as what a real spirit body knew.

    Nalan Shan invited Jun Wu Xie and her companions to sit with him at his table and when he saw Poppy behind Jun Wu Xie, his face showed a moment of surprise.

    "Poppy, why have you returned as well?" If he remembered correctly, hadn't Poppy left some time before as well?

    Poppy smiled and said: "My Master passed on, so....."

    There was no need for Poppy to complete the rest of his sentence and Nalan Shan already understood.

    "It is dangerous for have a plant spirit as one's Ring Spirit anyway. It's good that you're back." Nalan Shan did not suspect anything. It was easiest for Weapons Spirits and Beast Spirits to become Ring Spirits for humans. The number of Plant Spirits in the Spirit World were not that many in the first place and added to the fact that most Plant Spirits possessed eccentric temperament and were highly arrogant, hence, very few Plant Spirits were willing to become Ring Spirits.

    Because of the rarity of Plant Spirits, it also made it dangerous when a Plant Spirit appeared in the mortal realm.

    Poppy's smile was indolent, but his gaze involuntarily swept over Jun Wu Xie.

    Seeing that there wasn't going to be anymore action, the surrounding spirits then dispersed back to their seats, to continue their enjoyment of good food.

    The big eared rabbit with its clove mouth came hopping over to take their orders. Little Lotus was determined to not pass up on this opportunity as he ordered up a bunch of food. Having been a prime target to be bullied for many long years, although Little Lotus' battle prowess could be largely overlooked, his powers of the spirit was however highly robust. In a place like the Spirit World where soul power could be spent like a form of currency, he was naturally not going to stinge and go all out for once.

    Seeing a whole table full of fine gourmet dishes and Jun Wu Xie was not even able to hold a pair of chopsticks. She could only lower her head to look down, automatically disregarding the spread of dishes that looked rather fine.

    "How much do you still remember of your life?" Nalan Shan asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. It might have been because they were both human spirits and additionally, she was also Little Lotus' Mistress, Nalan Shan was rather friendly to Jun Wu Xie.

    "I can't really remember anything." Jun Wu Xie relied expressionlessly.

    After a person dies, the spirit's consciousness would gradually fade. Even for spirits with very strong power of the soul, it would still trickle away as time passed, gradually forgetting everything from when they were still alive. Only those with a strong obsession would still have a persistent regret remain after they have died, but it would turn to become extremely fuzzy.

    "Is that so? It is too be expected..... Among everyone who has come to the Spirit World, how many can still remember the past?" Nalan Shan's tone was filled with a sense of regret. Once a spirit body enters the Spirit World, they would basically have forgotten everything about their past life.

    "Forget it, it's a new life here in the Spirit World ahead and the matters of the past no longer have anything to do with us. Just work hard on cultivating your soul here in the Spirit World in future and it will be good enough. It's a lot more peaceful here in comparison." Nalan Shan said with a smile.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    With a swift change of topics, Nalan Shan then began to talk to Jun Wu Xie about how to cultivate one's soul. To put it frankly, cultivating one's soul to a very great extent calls for a certain level of stimulation. As a spirit was in essence a non being, if one allowed it to continue to degenerate, not only its powers would gradually weaken, even its consciousness would slowly fade. Hence, stimulating a spirit would allow its consciousness to not fade away, and even make it grow gradually more powerful.

    "Actually, in the Spirit World, there are many places that are suitable for us to cultivate our souls."
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