Chapter 1976: “Provocation (1)”

    Chapter 1976: "Provocation (1)"

    "The entire Spirit World is formed from the power of the spirit from the Spirit Lord alone and hence one would be able to find power of the spirit to cultivate anywhere in the Spirit World. One will only need to work on tempering one's soul and we will be able to stabilize our spirit." Nalan Shan said seriously.

    "You should already have your own place to stay in and have seen the Spirit Fire. The Spirit Fire is what the Spirit Lord had prepared to help us stabilize our spirits, where it allows us to do everything we can to maintain a higher level of cultivation. The place where there is the highest concentration of Spirit Fire would be the Serene Dream Forest. If you go there, you will be able to cultivate better."

    Nalan Shan was serious with his words and Jun Wu Xie listened earnestly. To Jun Wu Xie, all this information that seemed to be highly basic was nevertheless what she needed the most. Nalan Shan was indeed a human spirit soul and everything that he talked about was exactly the parts that Jun Wu Xie required most.

    Within the exceptionally busy restaurant, Jun Wu Xie and Nalan Shan seemingly become highly engrossed. Even when the dishes were brought to the table, it did not interrupt the conversation between the two people at all. Little Lotus watched his own Mistress deeply engaged in conversation with Nalan Shan silently. As a Plant Spirit, their method of cultivation was different from that of humans and finding that he did not understand after a thing after listening for a while, he then went on to bury his head down to eat.

    As one of the few most famous restaurants, the Spiritual Spirit Loft had patrons coming and going more than one could count. Just as Jun Wu Xie and Nakan Shan were getting enthusiastic with their conversation, a group of human spirits came swaggering into the third level of the Spiritual Spirit Loft.

    "Master Uncle Nalan, those cultivation methods of yours are already so old and you're still bringing them out to teach people. Don't you think that it's a little inappropriate?" A voice filled with ridicule suddenly sounded from the side.

    Nalan Shan lifted his head and after he saw who the other party was, he could not help but crease up his brows.

    Jun Wu Xie turned towards the voice and saw that a bunch of men had suddenly appeared. Those people were human spirits and judging from their looks, they had not been all that old when they died, most of them looking to be in their twenties.

    The leader among them curled up the corners of his mouth and looked at Nalan Shan rather contemptuously, his eyes tinged with malicious intent.

    The man did not care that his animosity could be seen by Nalan Shan but just sat himself down ungraciously upon a chair at the side, to stare with a raised eyebrow at Nalan Shan who was looking highly displeased, before turning his gaze to roam over the figures of Jun Wu Xie and Little Lotus. When he discovered that Jun Wu Xie's body was in a translucent state, he suddenly became rather excited.

    "Has the young lady here just come to the Spirit World? I can see that you are not that old and you must be careful that you do not get misguided by some people as it would not be good if you are led astray instead." Jun Wu Xie's countenance was peerlessly beautiful and the man's eyes were absolutely shining as he stared, completely ignoring Nalan Shan whose face was becoming darker and darker.

    "If you want to learn how to temper your spirit, I can teach it to you and you will definitely gain unexpected results within a short period of time." As he spoke, the man even glanced at Nalan Shan, as his eyes flashed with a glint of displeasure.

    "It's at least more effective than Master Uncle Nalan's method and in the Spirit World nowadays, who would still use that ancient method to temper one's soul? Our esteemed Master went to plead with the Spirit Lord to construct the Serene Spirit Tower with the aim of allowing the human spirits to become stronger. Only Master Uncle Nalan is still being obstinate when after so many years had passed, he still insists on giving up such a great thing like the Serene Spirit Tower and chooses to continue to cultivate with that ancient method. He's just an old fossil rejecting change." The man was openly disparaging with his words, not showing the slightest bit of respect for Nalan Shan.

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