Chapter 1977: “Provocation (2)”

    Chapter 1977: "Provocation (2)"

    "Serene Spirit Tower?" Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. The attitude of the man before her made her dislike him intensely. Although he was addressing Nalan Shan as Uncle Master, he wasn't showing the slightest bit of respect to Nalan Shan, the words coming out from his mouth lined with hidden daggers, like he wanted to embarrass Nalan Shan.

    The man did not detect the dislike Jun Wu Xie had for him, instead thinking that his words had successfully drawn the beauty's attention and he immediately said triumphantly: "Young lady, you have just come here to the Spirit World and I think you are not aware of this. The Serene Spirit Tower is a place that my Master earnestly asked the Spirit Lord to build a hundred years ago, the best place for only human souls to cultivate. The soul power of human spirits are comparably weaker than other spirit bodies and before the Serene Spirit Tower was built, the status human spirits held in the Spirit World was lowly and the weak human souls were often bullied by Weapons Spirits and others, where we suffered quite a bit of aggrievement. My Master could not bear to see his fellow human spirits being treated so unfairly and he did everything he could to convince the Spirit Lord to build the Serene Spirit Tower."

    "Ever since the Serene Spirit Tower was built, the speed that we, the human spirits are able to cultivate was raised significantly which in turn greatly improved our standing in the Spirit World." As he spoke, the man turned his gaze to look at several Beast Spirits who were also having a meal on the third level and his mouth curled up with disdain while he said: "Do you know how smug and arrogant the other spirits were before the human spirits? But now, when they see us, they can only obediently keep their mouths shut."

    The man said it very loudly, and when the other spirit races heard his words, they turned their heads to look over at him, their eyes filled with disapproval and unhappiness, but they did not say anything about it.

    "Meng Yi Liang, are you done talking?" Nalan Shan could not hold himself back anymore as he opened his mouth to say, his brows creased up as he stared at the prattering Meng Yi Liang.

    "Whether the Serene Spirit Tower is good or bad, we do not need you to come here and preach to us. Everyone is free to make their own choice, and not every single spirit is so anxious for results that they have to go to the Serene Spirit Tower."

    Meng Yi Liang laughed and then looked at Nalan Shan to say in reply: "Master Uncle Nalan, who under the Heavens do not yearn for more powerful might? Don't tell me you do not wish for the human spirits to become more powerful? Seems like what Master said is right. Although the two of you are fellow disciples, but the difference in personalities is as far off as it is between Heaven and Earth. Master has been working tirelessly to grow the might of the human spirits but you are instead being so stubborn, choosing mediocrity. Aren't you afraid that you might drag down the Grandmaster's name?"

    The shade on Nalan Shan's face was turning uglier and uglier but Meng Yi Liang did not seem to be deterred. The several other men with Meng Yi Lang saw Nalan Shan stumped by Meng Yi Liang's words and they began to laugh loudly.

    "All of you are making too much noise! If you continue to talk to Uncle Nalan like this, do you believe that I will break all your legs! ?" Little Lotus who had his head buried down in food could not endure the insults Meng Yi Liang was throwing upon Nalan Shan any longer. He shot to his feet with a whoosh, his hand grasped around the wine flask upon the table, as he glared with his large eyes widened fiercely.

    Meng Yi Liang swung his gaze over Little Lotus and his face immediately showed a look of ridicule.

    "You? You want to break my legs? Don't make me laugh!"

    A little brat who did not even reach up to his waist was actually threatening him, and he thought that it must be the biggest joke he had ever heard.

    "Little wimp, where are you from? Do you even know who I am? You dare to speak to me in that tone?"

    "I am the Imperial Snow Lotus." Little Lotus told him.

    "Imperial Snow Lotus?" Meng Yi Liang narrowed his eyes, unable to remember who that was immediately.

    "Just a Plant Spi....."

    Meng Yi Liang had not even finished with his sentence when a man behind him tugged at Meng Yi Liang's sleeve anxiously.
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