Chapter 1978: Provocation (3)

    Chapter 1978: Provocation (3)

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    "What is it?" Meng Yi Liang snapped a little impatiently.

    The man glanced a little nervously at Little Lotus and whispered to Meng Yi Liang to say: "The Imperial Snow Lotus is a Plant Spirit."

    "I know that. So what if he's a Plant Spirit?" Meng Yi Liang said with disdain. "He's just a little tiny midget, can he really do anything to me?"

    The man then hurriedly replied: "He wouldn't be able to do anything to you. But the Imperial Snow Lotus and Drunk Lotus are of the same body and once he drinks wine, he will turn into Drunk Lotus. Drunk Lotus is one of the highly skilled fighters among Plant Spirits and his prowess....." The man discreetly made a gesture with his hand.

    Meng Yi Liang's face changed slightly.

    "The fact that the human spirits has scums like the few of you here really shames the entire race. Besides bringing out your Master with every word that comes out from your mouth, what kind of capability does anyone of you have?" Even Poppy could not make himself sit back and watch quietly any longer. He wasn't all that close to Nalan Shan but he hated people chattering non stop when he was having his meals, as noisy as flies.

    "And just who are you! ?" Meng Yi Liang's face changed a shade upon hearing Poppy's words.

    "I'm Poppy. What? You asking for a thrashing?" Poppy lifted his head up slightly, his face saying "hit me if you don't like it".

    Hearing Poppy's name, Meng Yi Liang immediately swallowed the rage rising up back down.

    He had not heard the name Imperial Snow Lotus before, but he had known Poppy's reputation clearly since a long time ago. One of the three heads of the Plant Spirits, Poppy, whose powers was not anything he would be able to stand up against.

    "An empty tin makes the loudest noises. What a fool." Poppy sneered with a laugh.

    Meng Yi Liang's face turned an uglier shade. But seeing that stance that Poppy and Little Lotus was taking, no matter how bad his temper was, he wouldn't dare to act up in such a situation. Otherwise, even with all the men he brought with him, they all wouldn't even be enough for Drunk Lotus and Poppy to bash up silly.

    "You win today!" Meng Yi Liang gritted his teeth, as he stared at the dark faced Nalan Shan and continued to say: "Master Uncle Nalan, I was asking why you disliked the Serene Spirit Tower so much. Seems like you have allied yourself with the Plant Spirits now. What? When the human spirits become powerful, the position of all your Plant Spirits friends in the Spirit World will then be threatened and that's why you do not like it? With you doing such things now, how will the human spirits be able to accept you as one of us in future?"

    "You're not going to get out of here? Are you waiting for me to send you off?" Poppy's eyes turned chilly.

    Meng Yi Liang did not dare to say another word, but to merely lead his men out of the Spiritual Spirit Loft with his tail between his legs.

    "The entire bunch of them are just obnoxious." Little Lotus snorted indignantly, as he glared at the departing backs of Meng Yi Liang and his men.

    Nalan Shan smiled bitterly and looked at Little Lotus and Poppy apologetically. "I've troubled all of you today."

    "It's no trouble. The whole lot of them deserves a good thrashing." Seeing that the annoying bunch had left, Little Lotus then released his hand from the wine flask, to continuing burying his head into his bowl.

    Jun Wu Xie who had not spoken throughout was looking rather thoughtful. She had not missed the fact that when Meng Yi Liang had boasted about the Serene Spirit Tower and the human spirits, the gazes of the other spirit races that had turned to look at him had not been friendly. She had been able to feel that regardless whether it was the Weapons Spirit, the Beast Spirits, or the Plant Spirits, they all did not seem to be all that friendly to human spirits. It had been the same with the enormous beast who led them into the forest back then. It had been cold and indifferent to all of them.

    "I'm embarrassed that you had to see that. There are certain conflicts between their Master and I which caused such a charade today. I hope you'll forgive me." Nalan Shan said as he looked apologetically at Jun Wu Xie. He had actually intended to chat a little more about cultivation with Jun Wu Xie but Meng Yi Liang and his men had completely spoiled the mood.

    "It's not a problem. What is that Serene Spirit Tower they mentioned?"
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