Chapter 1979: Serene Spirit Tower (1)

    Chapter 1979: Serene Spirit Tower (1)

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    Jun Wu Xie was rather interested in the Serene Spirit Tower that Meng Yi Liang had mentioned so many times.

    When Jun Wu Xie asked about the Serene Spirit Tower, the other spirits who were having their meals at the table beside them threw unfriendly gazes towards them, seemingly showing great aversion to those three words.

    Nalan Shan sighed and then said: "About the Serene Spirit Tower, I did not mean to hide it from you. I have not told you about it because I do not approve of using the Serene Spirit Tower to cultivate."

    Nalan Shan paused a moment before he continued: "You must have heard it earlier, that Meng Yi Liang addresses me as Master Uncle. Their Master Wu Jiu and I are both disciples of the most powerful human spirit, the Spirit Master. A thousand years ago, my Master was a Soul Master most valued by the Spirit Lord and the human souls were led by my Master, adhering to the ancient method of cultivation. But with the rise of the Dark Emperor, the Dark Emperor then came to the Spirit World. After the unification of the Middle Realm, my Master was overcome with self guilt, over the fact that he did not discover the Dark Emperor's entry early, and he punished himself by giving up his position as the Spirit Master, retreating into the mountains to live in seclusion. It was from that time that my fellow disciple Wu Jiu succeeded our Master's position and served beside the Spirit Lord."

    "The construction of the Serene Spirit Tower was suggested by Wu Jiu, saying that the tower could be reinforced with special runes to gather the power of the spirit more robustly, that would raise the power of human spirits quickly. A hundred years ago, the first Serene Spirit Tower was built, and it was from that time that human spirits abandoned the original method of cultivation, as they all began to cultivate in the Serene Spirit Tower."

    When speaking about that, Nalan Shan could not help but reveal a trace of a bitter smile.

    "To tell the truth, actually when the Serene Spirit Tower had just been successfully built, my heart had been moved by that amazing cultivation method and went to the first Serene Spirit Tower to cultivate for a period. But as time passed, I began to develop a certain uncertainty towards the Serene Spirit Tower. Cultivating in the Serene Spirit Tower, one's cultivation effects was sped up by one whole fold and more and the soul power that grew constantly at a maniacal speed made one easily become addicted to it. But that kind of an increase went way beyond any boundaries of normal cultivation and I could not help but feel that something was wrong. Hence, I left the Serene Spirit Tower and did not cultivate in there anymore, but to continue to use the method my Master taught me to cultivate."

    "The Serene Tower can increase the strength of human spirits quickly, but doesn't such boundless increase make one feel it to be unsafe?" Nalan Shan said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, and it was not known whether that question was posed to her or to himself.

    Powerful might was something that everyone would look up to, especially for human who possessed the most complicated minds. Since time immemorial, humans had already begun to pursue power in many areas.

    They longed for money, authourity, and power, which fed their hungry desire, which caused them to always overlook the most critical questions.

    Nalan Shan had brought his questions to Wu Jiu before, but was ridiculed and laughed at by him, causing the fellow disciples to have no choice but to part, treading upon different routes.

    "If you choose to go to the Serene Spirit Tower, then please remember my words to you. Growing too fast, might not be a good thing." Nalan Shan said right at the end, sincerely trying to persuade Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie listened to Nalan Shan's words silently, a question already risen up in her mind.

    [Special runes?]

    Without knowing why, Jun Wu Xie suddenly thought of Spirit Reinforcement, something that she had learnt in the past.

    The runes she used for Spirit Reinforcement was something she got from her previous life and it was only by accident that she discovered it could be used here in this world, with effects that went beyond anything she could imagine.

    "I would like to go have a look at this Serene Spirit Tower." Jun Wu Xie suddenly said.
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