Chapter 1980: Serene Spirit Tower (2)

    Chapter 1980: Serene Spirit Tower (2)

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    Hearing Jun Wu Xie's words, Nalan Shan's face was unconsciously tinged with a hint of disappointment.

    [That's right, who wouldn't look forward to a faster method of cultivation?]

    "Three Serene Spirit Towers have been built now and they are located in three directions of the compass. The exact location should be known to Little Lotus and the others and you can get them to bring you there." Nalan Shan said with a sigh. It was afterall Jun Wu Xie's choice and he had no right to interfere.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded and after a moment's silence, she said: "If I want to cultivate using the ancient method, where should I go to find you?"

    The disappointment on Nalan Shan's face was replaced by surprise the moment Jun Wu Xie's voice fell. He looked at Jun Wu Xie in shock, never having expected that after hearing about the speed one could cultivate at in the Serene Spirit Tower, she could still be thinking of using the old method of cultivation, and joy then rose up involuntarily within Nalan Shan's eyes.

    "I am staying just at the edge of the Tranquil Dreams Forest in the north. Little Lotus went to my place before and if you want to find me, you can just go there." In Nalan Shan's voice, there was an undisguisable tinge of joy.

    For a person who persisted in his own belief, after having experienced endless ridicule and scorn, the slightest bit of acknowledgement received would make the person ecstatic.

    Jun Wu Xie was not the first new soul that Nalan Shan had encountered. He had been here in the Spirit World for Heaven knew how many years. Because he was the Spirit Master's disciple early back then, he was highly regarded among the Spirit World's human spirits. Before the Serene Spirit Towers were built, the number of human spirits who cultivated under Nalan Shan's tutelage was more than he could count. But ever since the Serene Spirit Towers were completed, those human spirits who had cultivated under him began to be drawn over by the amazing effects of the Serene Spirit Towers one after another, and gradually, there weren't that many human spirits who remained beside Nalan Shan anymore.

    Throughout that time, Nalan Shan had encountered quite a number of new human souls who came to the Spirit World, but when those people heard about the existence of the Serene Spirit Towers, they all chose to go to the Serene Spirit Towers, without a single exception.

    "Human spirits are basically all cultivating at the Serene Spirit Towers, and the Tranquil Dream Forest is empty. If you need to, you can come find me there anytime." Nalan Shan said, his eyes joyous.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. There were only two reasons she wanted to go the the Serene Spirit Tower. One, she was curious about the runes in the Serene Spirit Towers, and two, she wanted to find Jun Gu's soul.

    Nalan Shan had also mentioned it. Human spirits were all mainly going to the Serene Spirit Tower and Jun Wu Xie was looking forward to see if she would be able to find any sign of her father in the tower.

    It must be known that after coming into the Spirit World, most of the spirits' memories would have completely disappeared and they would not remember a thing from when they had been alive. Hence, wanting to find Jun Gu would require Jun Wu Xie to go search for him herself.

    She spoke with Nalan Shan for a while longer before Jun Wu Xie and her group stood up and left.

    Along the way, Jun Wu Xie was thinking about all she had heard about the Serene Spirit Tower as Little Lotus munched happily upon the take out fried sesame cake he had bought from the Spiritual Spirit Loft.

    Spirit bodies were not able to feel hunger and Little Lotus was eating so much merely to satisfy craving for food. It should be known that spirit bodies would not be able to eat regular food and no matter how gluttonous they were, after leaving the Spirit World, any kind of food out there was something the spirit body would not be able to digest and even if they went ahead to eat it, it would just cause the spirit body to be in agony as only food that was created by the power of the spirit could be digested by a spirit body.

    However long Little Lotus had been with Jun Wu Xie for was the length of time that Little Lotus had endured his gluttonous cravings for. With such a rare opportunity for them to have come back here to the Spirit World, it was only natural that Little Lotus' carvings were insatiable.
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