Chapter 1981: Serene Spirit Tower (3)

    Chapter 1981: Serene Spirit Tower (3)

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    "Is Mistress thinking about the Serene Spirit Tower?" Poppy opened his mouth to ask as he looked at Jun Wu Xie's thoughtful expression.

    "Mm." Jun Wu Xie nodded his head slightly. She turned to look at Poppy. At that moment, Poppy was acting quite a bit more reliable than Little Lotus who only knew to eat. "You know about the Serene Spirit Tower?"

    Poppy replied with a smile: "It is only natural that I would know. What Nalan Shan said was not untrue. The Serene Spirit towers were built by the Spirit Master's eldest disciple, Wu Jiu, and only human spirits can go inside them. Human spirits were a weak power in the Spirit World before and ever since the Serene Spirit Towers were built, they began to show signs of rising and they now hold quite a high position in the Spirit World."

    "Oh? All of you seem to dislike human spirits." Jun Wu Xie had not forgotten the unfriendly stares from the other spirit races back in the Spiritual Spirit Loft.

    Poppy replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

    "Back when the Spirit Master led the human spirits, there wasn't such a problem. But ever since Wu Jiu took over the position as the Spirit Master, he was rather extreme in his ways which incurred the displeasure from the other races. Does Mistress know that the space the first Serene Spirit Tower was built on was a place the Plant Spirits were living in? Many Plant Spirits were living there but because the Serene Spirit Tower was to be built there, many of the Plant Spirits were forced to leave. Moreover, the Serene Spirit Towers only permitted human spirits to enter, so how could Plant Spirits possibly be happy about something like that?"

    One's own home was forcibly torn down, to make way for other people's benefit. No one could possibly feel happy about that.

    "The other two Serene Spirit Towers are built in the territories of the Weapons Spirits and the Beast Spirits respectively as well." Poppy said as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. He did not need to say the rest and Jun Wu Xie should be able to understand what he was saying.

    Although it was great that human spirits were becoming stronger, but usurping the territories of the other spirit races and disallowing the other spirit races the use of the place, that was just too..... Added to that, the kind of arrogance many human spirits started to show after they became stronger naturally drew great hatred to themselves.

    Jun Wu Xie could roughly gauge the level human spirits were hated upon in the Spirit World.

    As they walked and talked, Poppy led Jun Wu Xie to come to the Serene Spirit Tower that had been constructed earliest.

    Standing outside the Serene Spirit Tower, Jun Wu Xie could see many human spirits gathered in groups around the tower. The Serene Spirit Tower had twelve levels and high up at the top of the tower, an ball of orange Spirit Fire burned. Compared to the Spirit Fire on Jun Wu Xie's roof, that was bigger and a whole lot brighter.

    "What are they doing?" Jun Wu Xie asked as she looked at the crowd of people lined up in queue.

    Poppy had his arms crossed over his chest as he said with a laugh. "Waiting to go in there. The number of human spirits were becoming more and more numerous and the Serene Spirit Towers were not able to accomodate them all. Hence, Wu Jiu laid down a rule that every human spirit can only go cultivate in the tower for only one hour a day and upon finishing their cultivation, they must leave immediately, to allow others to enter. Long lines like this are seen at all three towers everyday and what you are seeing today is already considered small in number."

    "Only cultivate for an hour? Then what about the rest of the time?" Jun Wu Xie then asked.

    "Continue to queue and wait I guess." Poppy said with a shrug.

    Just as Poppy finished, the doors of the Serene Spirit Tower opened up and several men came walking out from inside, but they did not leave, but went straight to the back of the line, to continue to queue.

    Looking at the number of the people there, Jun Wu Xie knew that no matter how quickly they came back to join the queue, these people would at most be able to go into the Serene Spirit Tower for two hours at most. Cultivating two hours a day and the rest of the time all spent on queueing. Towards such a manner of cultivation, Jun Wu Xie greatly disapproved of it.

    What cultivation depended on, was definitely not some astounding method, but to be accumulated over days and months of work. Hence, being able to cultivate only for two hours a day like that showed an over reliance on the effects of the Serene Spirit Tower, and a possibility of giving up on one's self well being.
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